Guide Trophy / Objective "Important evening"

Dying Light: Important Evening guide, survive a level two chase


In this guide we see how to get out of trouble by unlocking an achievement / trophy at the same time.

Guide Trophy / Objective "Important evening"

Survive a level two or higher night pursuit

In Dying Light, escapes are a crucial aspect of gameplay, and when someone escapes there is always someone chasing. We have already seen how to kill the nocturnal but, considering that in this game the chases work at "levels of intensity" (more or less like it happens in GTA) sometimes it can be much more convenient to run away.

A chase can be of 4 levels: the first is activated when you are noticed by a viral or a nocturnal. If you kill more zombies, new nocturnes / virals will join the hunt by raising the chase level to level 2. You can check what level the chase is at by looking at the red crosses next to the mini-map, when two of them are red, it means the chase is level 2, and so on.

The easiest way to get this trophy / achievement is to cross the entire bridge of infamy, which is on the far right of the map. By the time you get to the end where the bridge breaks off you should have brought the chase level to two, so just jump down into the river to escape the chase, you should get the result as soon as you land in the water.

In case you get to the end of the bridge and still be at level 1, start killing zombies until it rises to level two.

Alternatively you can follow this other method illustrated in the video below, always useful to escape from the Nocturnes.

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