HAL Laboratory: is the next Kirby and a new IP coming?

After the recent surprise release of Kirby Fighters 2The team HAL Laboratory announces news coming for next 2021. On the website of 4Gamer A collection of comments from Japanese developers has been posted regarding their plans for the upcoming upcoming year. Three of these, the directors of HAL Laboratory, have announced the release of new games, events and merchandising dedicated to Kirby, together with the hint of a new original game in development.

The director of HAL Laboratory, Tadashi Kawai, said: “We at HAL Laboratory will continue to deliver games in 2021 based on three core values: surprise, fun and warmth. Thanks so much!" Kawai also wanted to let the public know how much they liked it Ghost of Tsushima, especially as regards the story and from the visual point of view.

Teruhiko Suzuki, director of HAL Laboratory, told about how you play regularly and for hours at Animal Crossing: New Horizons and subsequently brought the spotlight on HAL Egg, the new division of the studio dedicated to making games for mobile devices, despite their recent title Part-Time UFO was also released on Nintento Switch. Suzuki then stated: “In 2021 I want to release another kind of weird game for HAL Egg! And please play Part-Time UFO! It is a fun game that you will love! Let me know what you think! "

Finally, the director Yumi Todo for HAL Laboratory, he wanted to put the spotlight on Kirby Fighters 2 again, recommending it and talking about its multiple contents such as its story mode and the one dedicated to online, finally inviting players interested in any level of challenge to take a look to the game demo. Here is his statement.

We will continue to work hard on our goal in 2021 so that as many people as possible can enjoy Kirby games. We have not only games planned, but also merchandise, books and a variety of events such as the Kirby Cafe. We hope you will continue to support both Kirby and HAL Laboratory in 2021!

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