Halo Infinite: 343 Industries reveals exciting vehicle and gunplay news

In a recent interview, Quinn DelHoyo of the Halo Infinite team revealed some interesting new information about what was supposed to be the launch title of Xbox Series X. The most important of the information learned is that Halo Infinite is completely overhauling the vehicle system of the saga. Instead of giving the vehicles a standard health bar and detonating them when it runs out, 343 Industries is making sure that a vehicle's effectiveness is dynamically reduced when players damage it. For example, players shooting at the wheels of a Warthog will make it more difficult for the driver of the vehicle to handle and drive it. This is a big change from Halo's usual vehicle mechanics, and it looks like it will make in-game interactions a lot more interesting.

Important news also emerged on the use of the grapple. Specifically, DelHoyo stated that if players are skilled enough, they can use the grappling hook to hook onto a Banshee and hijack it from its pilot. Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the grappling hook will be able to steal weapons from opponents, which will undoubtedly be important in multiplayer games. The latest great news is that 343 Industries is planning to add many weapons, both old and new, in Halo Infinite. This means that weapons will potentially return, such as the classic shotgun from the former Halo.

It therefore seems that in the next chapter of the saga there will be great steps forward from the point of view of gameplay and interactions with the game world, but the software house will also wink at the historical fans of the franchise, who will be able to find some old acquaintances. and weapons already used in previous chapters. We just have to wait until next week to find out more news on the title, which promises a new beginning for Master Chief.

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