Halo Infinite: A slew of new campaign rumors released

The sixth main entry in the Halo series was today the protagonist of a slew of rumors. Specifically, it was a Reddit user, whose reliability is not known with certainty, to disclose in a post new and interesting information on Halo Infinite, the first person shooter jointly developed by 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs. According to what is written, the Echo 216 ship would act as game menu for the single-player campaign, and it is within this medium that ours Master Chief can change yours loadout, browse the missions, add the skulls and change the game difficulty. It would seem that as we tackle the campaign we will come across exactly 4 different environments of the open world, including one Taiga and a snowy landscape, as we have already seen from the trailers released so far. Going more specifically, the player stated that about 20 will be playable main missions: the latter will be of nature linear and once completed it will automatically move to the next zone, which in some ways can remind you of the campaign of Metro Exodus. In addition to this, there would be about 35 side missions, in addition to the countless random encounters scattered throughout all areas of the game world.

The suppressors would exploit a mechanic of light stealth but without a detection meter, however, this action will be literally invisible within the multiplayer PvE. As for the artistic style, the interiors of the precursor architecture would very much recall the style of the famous Halo Reach released in 2010, while the exteriors would be more similar to the classic style of 343 Industries, with "an emphasis on awe and wonder“: Following this direction, the exploration of the unknown will still remain a strong point of the series. Finally a new modality Spartan Ops-esc would already be in development for additional story content post-launch: Apparently this will implement some new characters. Before leaving, we remind our readers that the information we have dealt with is to be taken strictly with a grain of salt, and we would like to specify that it has not been confirmed in any way. We will undoubtedly get more information on this in July, when the game's gameplay will be shown during the Xbox event!

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