Halo Infinite: Xbox One version canceled, according to a leak

In the past few hours, a very interesting item has jumped out of the web: the version Xbox One di Halo Infinite it could be discarded from here shortly. The user of ResetEra verified "Sponger“, Which previously leaked accurate details about first-party Xbox games. According to the player in question, the developer 343 Industries is struggling too much to outperform 900p su Xbox One S, which would have led her to consider making the shooter a next-gen only title after its recent delay until 2021.

If that were true, ditching the Xbox One version would represent a break from the release strategy cross-gen heavily promoted by Xbox: Microsoft had previously claimed that all Xbox titles first-party for the next two years would be released on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X! In a statement posted on its website, developer 343 Industries said the decision to delay the game was motivated by "multiple factors," including COVID-19's continuing impact on development.

After the revelation of the gameplay last month, Halo Infinite's visual fidelity has faced multiple critical spread by the media, fans and even big brands, which they highlighted problems both with the Artistic direction of the game than with the perceived lack of advancement from the latest Halo game. 343 Industries had already admitted criticism of the game's graphics and told fans that it was taking the feedback "very seriously". As per tradition, we would like to invite all our readers to take the information previously processed rigorously with pliers, Since nothing has been confirmed by those in charge.

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