HDMI: No signal on monitor or TV [Fixed]

HDMI: No signal on the monitor or TV. [Fixed] Among the many means to transfer audio and video data between electronic devices, HDMI is the latest and most used interface. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and for proper communication between two hardware components, both the receiver and the sending devices must recognize the HDMI signal and it is often called an HDMI handshake. In case there is a communication error due to one reason or another, there will be no output on the display or audio device. It is possible to solve the problem of "no HDMI signal”By following the DIY steps at home or in the office.

HDMI: No signal on the monitor or TV

Check your connections

The first and most common problem can be loose HDMI connections. Then, check the HDMI ports in both the source and output sections. If you think the ports have loosened, you should buy a new HDMI cable, and some good quality cables come with a self-locking mechanism.

HDMI, no signal - Change port

By changing the port, I mean you should try to change ports on both the physical software and the screen. Sometimes we mistakenly change the input source on the TV or monitor, then open the display settings on the monitor (there will be a touch button or a button on the same screen frame). Now select the appropriate signal source.

In case you are using your TV as an output display and audio device, it is time to review the selected input source. You can press the source button on the remote control and see all the available options. As you can see in the image below, you can switch between HDMI1 to HDMI2 and so on.

So, in addition to changing the port settings in the software menu, you should also try to change the port physically on the output device. As you can see if you are not receiving the signal in one HDMI port try plugging the cable into another port.

Check your settings

On a Windows system, press the Windows key + P to open the display settings. Here you can see various options which include PC screen only, Duplicate, Extend or the second screen only. Make sure the right option is selected based on the number of screens you are using.

HDMI, no signal - Check device drivers

If you don't see the display on your desktop PC monitor, you need to double check your video card or integrated display chip drivers. Open Device Manager, ( Windows key + R and type " devmgmt.msc "). Now select  adapter and right click on it to update the drivers. If you have driver-dump on your system, you can indicate the path or automatically update the latest drivers from the Internet.

Factory reset

Not all, but most electronic devices offer the ability to restore them as they came from the factory. This is useful in case something goes wrong and allows you to restore the original settings. You can open the menu on the monitor and look for the settings to restore as when shipped from the factory. Sometimes, it appears on the TV after updating the firmware or software on the DISH TV receiver / decoder. In this case, you can open your TV settings and set it up on reset di factory to restore the display.

HDMI converters

Many of us use converter cables to convert DVI signals to HDMI or vice versa. The chances of incompatibility of these cables are high when we try to connect an older output device to a new input device or vice versa. The reason is that your new device may be updated to the latest firmware and you will not get an appropriate handshake between the older and the newer ports. Also, it should be noted that DVI is only capable of transmitting video signals and for audio, you still need to use the audio ports.

HDMI, no signal - Power off and on again

This process is an act of recovering the electronic device from the non-reactive state by restoring all the configuration parameters. To turn the monitor off and on again, simply unplug the cables and turn off the power. Now, wait a few minutes before turning it on.

Fix HDMI errors

You will need to use the cable in one or another electronic device at home or in the office. Problems are inevitable because devices automatically update themselves in this technologically advanced world. The quick fixes above will definitely help you to recover the signal and if it doesn't work, you should consult the technical support of the affected input or output device.

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