Hearthstone: Streamer Savjz almost excluded from competitive events

    Hearthstone: Streamer Savjz almost excluded from competitive events

    In the last few hours, the community of Hearthstone was shaken by a tweet posted by the famous streamer Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, who said he risked being excluded from the competitive card game events of Blizzard due to some behavior of his wife, Christina Mikkonen. In the tweet published on his official profile, Savjz said he was temporarily included in the blacklist of competitive events of Hearthstone due to a particular exchange of tweets between his wife Christina and a Community Manager of Blizzard. During the discussion Christina would have responded in kind to a comment, causing the possible ban of her husband from future events organized by the development house.

    This is the reason that was given to me when I said I want to play at this event. My wife was part of the 800 layoffs and she spoke up about the injust practices of company. I was told I am a liability because of who I am married to. https://t.co/G34OuHHL5L

    - Janne Mikkonen (@Savjz) June 23, 2020

    Savjz has decided to make the discussion public on social media, seeking comfort in his many fans, who have publicly expressed their disapproval regarding a possible ban of the player who should not be affected by the behavior of his wife. This morning the player updated the fans on the situation, communicating that he had received an apology from the community lead and that his presence at the next events, and that of his wife, were no longer in question. At the moment Blizzard has not yet issued official statements on the incident, e Savjz tried to stop the numerous controversies on social media against the company, defining himself particularly saddened by their behavior, but willing to leave this story behind as soon as possible.

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