Hitman Absolution - All secrets and easter eggs

Hitman Absolution - All secrets and easter eggs


Regarding the "oddities" that Hitman Absolution has to offer we have already dealt with the subject of the atomic bomb (yes, I said atomic bomb, well?).

The title, however, presents other curiosities that, as usual we do for each game, we list in this article dedicated to the secrets and easter eggs of Hitman Absolution.

The double rainbow
Now this double rainbow story is starting to keep me on the lemons (see same article for Halo 4 for more details). Even the developers of Hitman Absolution give in to the temptation to slap a blessed double rainbow somewhere in the game. To see it, play mission 20, then do as in the video below.

The monster from Lake Michigan
In mission 1 of the game, once you get to the estate you can spot this terrible monster. Just go inside to the room with the piano and shoot that kind of snail shell of dubious taste, and then look out the window. Everything is shown in this video

A pig with an exclamation mark
Yes I know, sometimes we get excited for a little, but it is right to show you this too. In Mission 11 enter the warehouse shown in the video where you will find a pig. Couple the unsuspecting pig with a blow to the forehead and you will see that an exclamation point will pop out (literally) that is very reminiscent of those seen on the heads of enemies throughout the Metal Gear series. Here is a video

Reference to Mini Ninjas
You know Mini Ninjas ?? Yes come on, it's another IO Interactive game that has enjoyed some success in the past generation. In the mission to the orphanage of Hitman Absolution you will see some cute puppets inspired by the Ninja of the game. Check them out in the video

A bolt from the blue (in the desert)
Without a doubt this immediately jumps to the top of the ranking of the funniest ester eggs I've ever seen. In the mission in which you are in the desert before killing your target go to chase away the vultures that are in the area in order to make them take off. Then grab a sniper rifle and knock out the birds. Your target will start moving slowly, let it do so and enjoy the incredible scene. Everything is shown in this video

References to Kane & Lynch
More than references, I would say that it is practically like seeing those two funny guys Kane and Lynch. Listen to the dialogues too, please.

Tomb Raider reference
To see this easter egg go to the gun shop as shown in the video. On a sofa you will notice a bag with the name "Croft" on it and on a coffee table you will notice a newspaper with a headline "She lost it all in one day". Watch the video


That's all for now, but don't forget to read the article on the atomic bomb, please !!! If you find other easter eggs, all you have to do is report them on our forum, while for other fantastic guides consult the tricks card of Hitman Absolution.

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