Hitman Absolution - How to unlock all disguises [Ice cream man, bird, squirrel and others]

Hitman Absolution - How to unlock all disguises [Ice cream man, bird, squirrel and others]


One of the most delicious features of Hitman Absolution is the presence of a large amount of costumes, dresses and disguises of all kinds that we can unlock and wear to the fearsome Agent 47. For most of the costumes, finding them is a fairly simple undertaking as in the course of the various missions we will also find them several times on our path.

However, some are more difficult to find and you can run the risk of losing them. Below you will find the complete list of costumes and disguises in the game, and for each one we have also indicated the mission in which you can find it. For those highlighted in blue, at the end of the list you will find additional aids to help you unlock them.

Remember that to save a costume you have unlocked, you just need to put it on, you don't need to get to the checkpoint or finish the level. This will come in handy especially for the costume with the tinfoil hat.

Grunt Agency   Operation Sledgehammer, Absolution
Heavy Troops Agency   Operation Sledgehammer, Absolution
Agency soldier   Operation Sledgehammer, Absolution
Agency technician   Absolution (Burnwood Family Tomb)
Agent Costume 47   Attack of the Saints (Parcheggio)
Arms Dealer   Dexter Industries (vicolo)
Barber Costume   Shaving Lenny (barber salon)
Bird (chick) costume   One of a kind
Blackwater bodyguard   Parco Blackwater (Penthouse)
Custode Blackwater   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Manager Blackwater   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Blackwater Park Guard (inside)   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Blackwater Park Guard (external)   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Receptionist Blackwater   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Blackwater Tactical Team   Parco Blackwater (Penthouse)
Chef Costume (cook)   Personal contract
Chicago police   You will find it everywhere
Costume SWAT Chicago   Run for life
Costume Chipmunk (scoiattolo)   Hunter and prey (Chinese New Year)
Security guard costume   Skurky's Law (Courthouse)
Usher   Skurky's Law (Courthouse)
trader   King of Chinatown
Electrician Costume   Terminus Hotel
Guard   Industrie Dexter, Death Factory
Gardener Costume   Personal contract
Chirichetto costume   Rosewood
Hope Bouncer   Welcome to Hope
Hope Goon   Hotel Terminus
Hope plumber   Shaving Lenny (Streets of Hope)
Policeman Hope   Welcome to Hope, Birdies Gift, Shaving Lenny
Chef Hot Sauce   One of a kind
Ice cream man costume   One of a kind
Parent   Hotel Terminus
Judge costume   Skurky's Law (Courthouse)
Residence Guard (external)   Personal contract
Dwelling Guard (inside)   Personal contract
Supermarket salesman   King of Chinatown, Run For Your Life
Mechanic Suit Costume   Shaving Lenny (Streets of Hope)
Patriot   Fight Night (Patriot's Hangar)
Patriot's Entourage   Fight Night
Plumber clothes   Parco Blackwater (Grounds)
Priest's robe (priest)   Rosewood
Researcher lab coat   Death Factory
Bathrobe   Attack of the Saints
Security guard   Rosewood
Samurai   Parco Blackwater Penthouse
Scarecrow costume   Attack of the Saints (Cornfield)
Scientist costume   Death Factory
Sewer worker   One of a kind
Clothes shop assistant __ Hunter and Prey (Convenience Store)
Buttafuori Strip Club   Hunter and Prey (The Vixen Club)
Tinfoil hat   Skurky's Law (courthouse)
Trucker costume   Welcome to Hope, Industrie Dexter (Factory Compound)


So here are more details for the disguises indicated in BLUE, the most difficult to find:

- Chipmunk traversal: follow this video

- Costume with tinfoil hat: is the one used by the protagonists of the movie "Signs" to protect themselves from aliens. When you are at the trial you will notice the defendant entering with this particular costume. Being able to retrieve it without arousing suspicion is complicated, so finish first by killing him and immediately donning the costume before being killed. The costume will still be saved.

- Bird Costume, Ice Cream Maker, Hot Sauce Chef and Sewer Worker: in this "one of a kind" mission you will have to go to the tailor to pick up a dress. Remember to go down and rummage in the basement to find these fantastic costumes in the corner.

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