Horizon Zero Dawn: lead designer Michael Nash passed away

A terrible mourning has hit the international community of the world of videogame entertainment. In fact, yesterday Unfortunately, Michael Andrew Nash passed away, one of the largest lead designers in business. Characterized by an unmistakable style, capable of inspiring thousands of artists, Mike Nash was a true master of hard surface, with an exceptional technique in the use of ZBrush and in the management of Sub-Ds. Among his latest extraordinary works, we remember his solid contribution to the mechanical creatures of Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn. In the following hours, the messages of condolence from the community and other important artists, such as Vitaly Bulgarov and Jon Troy Nickel.

I am devastated and still trying to figure out what happened. Mike's work has been a real source of inspiration for me and for many others. in all these years that I have known Mike, he has proved to be a person of heart who has always celebrated his creativity with wonderful works. Mike has always possessed the ability to best fit his 3D creations into spectacular shapes. During our conversations I learned and met a truly genuine person, an incomparable artist. and now he's gone forever, demonstrating the frailty of the human being. Rest in peace, Mike.

Mike was one of the greatest artists of our time. You know his works, you have learned to understand how important and influential they were. Horizon Zero Dawn has won many awards and acknowledgments worldwide thanks to its artistic direction. One of the icons of the game is the result of his works, and he played a fundamental role in making the design of the title affirm in the collective imagination.

The Resources4Gaming staff expresses the most sincere condolences for the loss of an extraordinary artist and joins the many messages of discouragement and remembrance published on social networks all over the world.

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