How to activate automatic screen rotation on Xiaomi Mi 10T

How to activate automatic screen rotation on Xiaomi Mi 10T and fix screen problems if it does not rotate. If your screen doesn't rotate on a Xiaomi Mi 10T, you can test it via the Phone app. You can usually automatically rotate the screen on your Xiaomi Mi 10T when you flip the phone horizontally.

To activate automatic screen rotation on Xiaomi Mi 10T, make sure "Auto Rotate" is enabled. You can tell it is off if the icon is marked as “Portrait”. If that doesn't seem to work, be sure to try rotating a compatible app, like Google Chrome.

Your Xiaomi Mi 10T knows when you hold the phone horizontally (in "landscape mode") and can rotate the screen to make better use of the orientation of the phone. Not all apps support this auto-rotate feature, and it's hard to predict which apps rotate and which don't. The Google Play Store rotates, while the Samsung Galaxy Store does not, for example.

But most apps that would appear to benefit from rotation, such as web browsers and photo apps, rotate automatically, as long as the Xiaomi Mi 10T's auto-rotate feature is turned on.

How to rotate the screen on your Xiaomi Mi 10T

If your phone doesn't rotate when you turn it sideways, make sure it's enabled.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view the Control Center. Swipe a second time to reveal all icons.
  2. Make sure the “Auto Rotate” option is enabled: the icon is blue and the label “Auto Rotate”. If it is off, it will appear gray and will be labeled "Portrait".

How to activate automatic screen rotation on Xiaomi Mi 10T via settings

There is another way to enable automatic screen rotation. To do this it is necessary:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to the «Display» section.
  3. Activate the cursor in front of the point «Automatic rotation».

Regardless of how the option was activated, the smartphone on the Xiaomi Mi 10T allows you to disable it both via the control center and the settings menu.

7 solutions for when automatic screen rotation doesn't work

How to test automatic rotation on the Xiaomi Mi 10T

If the screen doesn't auto-rotate, try it with an app that supports auto-rotate, such as Chrome or Samsung Internet. Rotate your phone horizontally and make sure you don't touch the screen (it won't rotate when tapped). If it doesn't work, you can see if the phone's accelerometer is working properly.

  1. Launch the Phone app.
  2. Dial "* # 0 * #" and you should see the Xiaomi Mi 10T diagnostic screen.
  3. Tap "Sensor".
  4. In the Accelerometer Sensor section, tap "Test Image".

You can see if the accelerometer works on this screen, but it's easier if you switch to the test image.

  1. Rotate the screen to see if the image rotates. If not, contact Samsung for assistance.
  2. To exit this test screen, double tap the Back button several times to return to the Phone app.

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