How to call back a private or anonymous number

How to call back an unknown number? An unknown number is a number you don't recognize, while a private number is a number with an anonymous caller ID. While there are methods you can try, it's not always possible call back a private number. Whenever possible, it is not always advisable. Be careful when answering calls from numbers you don't know. Call back only if you have good reason to believe that the number that called you belongs to someone you "maybe" know.

How to know when to call a private number

Be wary if you only hear the phone ring once. A missed call with just one ring could be a "criminal" - someone who is trying to get you to call back just so they can steal your money. If you've only heard one ring, don't call the number back. If it wasn't a crammer, it was probably the wrong number. Telemarketers ring the phone at least four times, or for at least 15 seconds, before hanging up.

Check the area code. If the number is displayed, search for it online. Criminals call from countries with the same international code (+1) as the United States, so they look like national calls. However, if you look up the numbers, you can identify them as foreigners by their area code.

  • A good rule of thumb is that if you don't recognize the prefix, don't answer.
  • Many of these calls come from the Dominican Republic (809), Jamaica (876), the British Virgin Islands (284) and Grenada (473).
  • Never answer numbers starting with 900, those numbers are toll-free.
  • There are also online services that allow you to search for numbers. Search for "reverse lookup" or "find out who called you".

Check a message. Someone who tries to call you for a serious matter will leave a phone message or contact you by other means. Self you get a call from a number you don't know or from a anonymous number, it's probably not important. Do not call back!

  • If they leave a message or the number called is an 800 number (toll free), go ahead and call them back.
  • Crammers will never leave a message, because they are operating on an extremely limited profit margin and cannot afford an international call.

Pay attention to the charges on your phone bill. If you notice mysterious charges, particularly for something indefinite, such as "special services" or "premium service", on your phone bill, call your carrier and let them know there are unauthorized charges. They generally reimburse you.

  • If you called back an unknown number and found yourself listening to a recorded message, pay close attention to your phone bill. If you called and found yourself listening to a recording of "adult services", expect unauthorized charges.
  • Don't be embarrassed to ask your carrier to reimburse you. Call scams are a daily problem for them.

Call the numbers you know. Sometimes scammers leave a message with a number to call. If you get a voicemail or text message from someone claiming to be your bank, cell phone carrier, or hospital, try calling with your hidden number.

Call back a private number free of charge with * 69 or # 69

The service is free and to activate it, just dial * 69 from a landline phone before another call arrives. On cell phones, use #69. After dialing the number, if a person answers, ask who they are talking to.

The disadvantages of this approach depend on the telephone service provider. For example, some providers provide a computer-generated voice indicating the number along with the option to place a call. Other telephone providers call back the private number and do not provide the number.

Also, * 69 and # 69 do not work with all phones and some carriers limit the time to activate the service to 30 minutes after receiving the call.

How to call back a private number with reverse lookup

If you can find the number, use the reverse phone number lookup. Type the number into Google or the Yellow Pages to find out if the number belongs to a mobile or landline phone and to find the location where the phone is registered. In some cases, it is necessary to pay to receive detailed information.

Check your carrier's call logs

The telephone service provider keeps a log of incoming and outgoing calls. To access this list, log into your account and enter your account password.

Sometimes private caller numbers are listed here, without masks. To find the number, check the phone log on your phone to find the time the anonymous call arrived. Then, look online at the call log, sometimes located in the bills and usage menu, to match the date and time.

The duration of call recording varies depending on the telephone operator. Typically, these records are kept for one to seven years and can be used in criminal investigations.

Use an online service to call back a private number

How to call a private number - Whooming

The first service I recommend you try for call private number is Whooming. If you have never heard of it, you should know that it is a free online service that can also be used in the form of a smartphone app through which you can identify private numbers using the call forwarding technique. In a nutshell, upon receiving an anonymous phone call, the call will simply hang up and will be automatically diverted to the Whooming number, which in turn will identify the caller.

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How to call a private number -  WoozThat

Another service you can rely on for call a private number è WoozThat. This is a solution similar to the aforementioned Whooming which allows you to find out who owns a certain anonymous numbering and thus offers the possibility of being able to call back using the call forwarding technique. The service is completely free and allows you to track the number of calls instantly. The only "novelty" is that it only works with mobile phones and can only be used through the appropriate app for Android and iOS.

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How to call back an anonymous number

TrueCaller (Web / Android / iOS / Windows Mobile) - This is a popular service that can also be used in the form of a smartphone app that has a database of over 3 million numbers. It therefore allows you to search for a phone number and easily find its owner. On mobile devices, it also signals who the reference number belongs to during the call.

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 Sync.Me (Web / Android / iOS) - Another popular service that allows you to identify both landline and mobile numbers with the advantage that the search is also performed among information on social networks.

Who's calling? (Web / Android) - An online service with a rich database that allows you to find out who owns a certain phone number and which will come in handy for detecting private number calls. When used in the form of an app, it also shows the caller ID and allows you to automatically block annoying phone calls.

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