How to catch the Riddler

    Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Catching the Riddler, Solve This [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    How to catch the Riddler


    Let's see how to put one of Gotham's most infamous wanted people behind bars.

    How to catch the Riddler

    In Batman Arkham Knight, in addition to other wanted ones that we have seen in separate guides (consult the Batman Arkham Knight cheats and guides tab to find out all), it is also possible to capture and lock up the evil Riddler in the police station. Doing so will not be easy at all, here's how to proceed.

    First of all you will have to complete the 10 tests. They are tests of various kinds that will see you mostly engaged with the Batmobile. If you have difficulty consult the guide / solution to the tests of the Riddler of Batman Arkham Knight.

    At this point, after completing the trials and freeing Catwoman, the Riddler will challenge you to complete all challenges that he has prepared for you, these consist of:

    • collect all Riddler's Trophies: there are 179 in total, to find them all follow the guide to the Riddler's Trophies of Batman Arkham Knight;
    • solve all Riddles: these are 40 in total, for help on where they are and how to solve them consult the guide to the puzzles of Batman Arkham Knight;
    • destroy all objects: there are 90 in total, every 5 objects destroyed you will complete a challenge, so these are valid for 18 completed challenges. To find them all, follow the guide to the destructible objects of Batman Arkham Knight;
    • find all thugs with bombs: there are 6, if you have difficulty finding them follow the guide to the thugs with the bombs of Batman Arkham Knight.

    Only after completing all these 243 challenges, you will be able to return to the Pinkney Orphanage and face the Riddler. Defeat him as shown in the video below, then you can take him and lock him up in the GCPD commissariat.

    All of this, as well as bringing that fetid criminal to justice and unlocking the Trophy / "Solve this" achievement, will also allow you to get to the real Batman Arkham Knight ending. Keep an eye on the Batman Arkham Knight cheats and guides tab, we will soon publish a guide dedicated to the endings.

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