How to change keyboard settings Windows 10

How to change keyboard settings Windows 10

Do you know that you can change the Windows 10 keyboard settings? Don't you know how to do it? Then read on. Has it happened to you that typing on your computer keyboard can't find certain characters? In most cases this happens due to not configuring the correct language for the keyboard. Regardless of the physical keyboard used, you can change the Windows 10 keyboard settings. We explain how.

How to change keyboard settings Windows 10

First of all, you should know that changing the keyboard language does not mean that it will change the language of the operating system, nor that of Cortana. They are two different things. Regardless of the type of keyboard your PC uses, it can be configured to use the desired language or languages.

But, to achieve this, you will have to download the necessary language packs. Below we explain how you can do this from the Windows 10 settings and then change the keyboard layout or default typing method.

Add a new language in Windows 10

To begin with, you will need to have between the language pack in Windows the language you want to change the keyboard and writing method, only then can you change the keyboard configuration or language.

In case the language pack where you want to change the keyboard is already downloaded, read in the next subtitle to easily change the keyboard configuration. Now let's see how to install the language pack.

To get started, go to the Start menu and search for “Settings” or you can go to the Windows notifications tab at the bottom right of the screen and click on the “All settings” button. Then, in the “Windows Settings” window, select the option “Time and language".

In the left menu, several options will appear, select «Region and language». Under the heading "Language" you will see the language packs installed on your computer. Select the one you prefer or click "Add a language" to install a new language pack.

Select the language you want to add from the list or use the search engine. Click on the box and you can now see the selected language next to the one you have already installed under the heading "Languages". Furthermore, a new icon will appear in the notification bar showing the language useda.

A notification will appear showing that Windows is adding new features, you must be connected to the Internet so that the language is installed correctly and you can use it. You may need to restart your computer or log out and log back in.

Change the keyboard settings in Windows 10

Once the language is in the language list, the necessary characteristics for the writing method and keyboard layouts will be added. Now you can add writing methods in other languages ​​or use a different keyboard layout.

To do this, in the same “Language and language settings” window, select the language and click on the “Options” button. Under “keyboards”, click on “Add a keyboard”, and then select the keyboard layout that suits your needs.

As for the writing method, go to the Windows button and in the search box type “writing settings” and open the result that appears. In the "Devices" window select "Typing", then select "Advanced keyboard settings".

Finally, in the "Advanced keyboard settings" window, you can select the language you want to use from the keyboard from the drop-down menu under the heading "Override the default input method".

Now you can change the language or keyboard settings in Windows 10 as many times as you want. You can do this via the notification bar icon by choosing the language you prefer from the list of available.

Alternatively, you can toggle between the different keyboard layouts by pressing the Windows key + space bar combination. You no longer have to worry about searching for key combinations to type characters in your language. Use the keyboard layout that best suits your needs.

Now that you've learned how to change your language or keyboard settings in Windows 10, it's not that you care to know how to uninstall programs in Windows 10 - quick and easy.

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