How to change the keyboard on Android

How to change the keyboard on Android. There are a plethora of alternative keyboards to the one available by default on Android. Most manufacturers offer their solution in their overlay. The necessity of change keyboard on android it's quick to run for many users looking for a more ergonomic alternative to typing.

 change keyboard on android, there are several apps available on the Play Store. But they all don't have the same features and don't offer the same user experience. The least you can expect from your keyboard is adequate autocorrect, just like predicting word suggestions based on different typing habits, themes, and colors to customize the look.

Some keyboards provide a gesture mode for entering text by sliding your finger across the screen. Others have a collection of GIFs, but also emojis to bring your texts to life or a Google search bar to perform quick searches, as is the case with Google's Gboard keyboard.

Smartphones and touch screens made it possible to use different keyboards to send messages. You can choose to download a keyboard and access it when you want to type a few things - it can be as simple as a normal keyboard formatted for different software or a keyboard meant for a different language.

How to change the keyboard on Android

The best keyboards for Android

  1. Gboard: the Google board
  2. Chrooma Tastiera – Emoji, GIF & PRO Keyboard
  3. SwiftKey Keyboard
  4. Flexi- Emoji & GIF Battitura
  6. Typany Keyboard – Themes & GIF, DIY, Emoji Maker
  7. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji
  8. Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji
  9. ai.type Keyboard Plus + Emoji

If we have forgotten any you can always let us know in the comments at the end of the article ?

How to change the default keyboard

You must have more than one keyboard. If you are looking for an alternative that suits you, feel free to check out our list above. Then follow the modification procedure which is very simple.

  • Go to Settings> Language & input
  • First, activate the installed keyboards by going to Manage keyboards and then toggling the activation switch to the right for each keyboard
  • Then go back to the previous screen (input language) and click on the "Current keyboard" option
  • In the window that opens, you have a list of all keyboards installed and activated on your smartphone
  • Select the desired keyboard

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Change the keyboard on Android? Switch from Qwerty to Azerty or another input language

The best Android keyboards include support for several dozen or even hundreds of input languages. The one configured by default is often the English keyboard (Qwerty). The editors of these applications offer their own tutorials to better understand the settings and access to different features. Do switch the Qwerty keyboard language for Qwerty it is usually done the same way.

  • Go to Settings> Language & input
  • Tap the name of your keyboard then Languages
  • Add Spanish if it's not on the list

Then open any application that opens the keyboard. Make a long press on the space bar. Choose Spanish to put the keyboard in AZERTY from the list of available languages ​​which should be displayed for most keyboard applications. If that's not the case, read the publisher's documentation.

For example, on the Samsung keyboard, press the globe icon to the right of the space bar to toggle between the main languages ​​available.

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How to change the keyboard on Android | General guide

  • Download the keyboard you want to use you will need to log into Google Play and type the type of keyboard you are looking for in the search box. Install the keyboard once you find it in the app store.
  • Go to settings by tapping the device settings icon The settings icon is usually found in the application menu and looks like a gear.
  • Choose “Language and keyboard on some phones, this option may be called“ Local and text ”.
  • Find the keyboard you want to use check the box next to that keyboard.
  • Start writing a text message, open your messages and create a message.
  • Tap and hold on the text field a pop-up window will appear showing some options.
  • Select “Input method. Select the keyboard you want to use.

We just finished seeing how to change keyboard on android. If you have problems visit our Facebook page!

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