How to connect smartphone to TV [2019]

How to connect smartphone to TV [2019]

Make yourself comfortable, I'll explain how to connect android smartphone to TV? While it might seem like that, it's not difficult stream photos and videos e cast your phone or tablet screen to your TV. If you haven't tried it yet, we have a simple guide on how to connect smartphone to TV.

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Connecting the phone to the TV you can watch videos downloaded from Google Play, show photos to friends, play games on a bigger screen, and more. This connection is very simple and can be done in many ways.

How to connect smartphone to TV [2019]

Often times, a cable you already have at home or even a wireless solution can be what you need to watch shows, YouTube videos, travel photos, and more on the big screen. Check out all the methods and tips below.

There are several reasons why you may want to connect your Android smartphone to the TV: Watch downloaded movies on the Google Play Store, view photos, play games on a larger screen ... syncing both devices is easy and there are various ways to do it

Connecting the smartphone to the TV via Wi-Fi

How to connect smartphone to TV [2019]

To connect your smartphone to a TV via wireless signal, the TV must have Wi-Fi (usually Smart TVs support it), and your smartphone allows this option via Miracast or similar technology.

To find out if your smartphone has this feature, go to the quick settings menu and go to “Screen Mirroring” (the name may change depending on the manufacturer). Then do the following:

  • From the TV source (“Source” button or the arrow symbol mentioned above), also select the wireless screen / monitor option;
  • Launch the screen mirroring option on your smartphone. The smartphone will start searching for other devices connected to the Wi-Fi network using this function. Select the TV you have connected to the network;
  • Once both devices recognize each other, you can see everything you do on your smartphone display on the TV screen.

Some applications allow you to automatically connect the phone to the TV screen. Generally, this type of app is related to videos and images, such as YouTube or image gallery.

Within this type of application, we find a button at the top right where two screens connect a screen and a Wi-Fi signal. By clicking on it, the nearby Smart TV will be recognized automatically and the connection will be made on the device of your choice.

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The right app can help ...

Free streaming apps like "iMediaShare – Photo and music" they are useful. They allow you to transfer photos, videos and music from your smartphone or tablet to your Smart TV or other DLNA-enabled devices, such as audio systems and set-top boxes. With iMediaShare, you can select by file type and even play videos in automatic succession on your TV. Another option is to install Android apps on the TV itself.

Broadcasting over a wireless network is usually associated with delayed playback on Smart TVs. This doesn't matter much with casting images, but it can make broadcasting videos a little boring.

Connecting the smartphone to the TV via Chromecast

How to connect smartphone to TV [2019]

Many users use the Chromecast device, connect device and Google mirroring to control the content of their smartphones on the TV. To be compatible with Google Home, the technology that drives Chromecast, your device must be running Android KitKat 4.4.4 or later. And of course, your TV needs a USB and HDMI input to use one of the versions of the gadget.

The mirroring symbol appears on the quick link bar or any Google Cast compatible application such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. It is a rectangle with waves in one of the corners. Just connect the device to the device and enjoy your favorite content.

You can also download the Google Home app and mirror directly through it. This option is also valid for those who have Nexus Play, Android Box or Mini PC.

Use a wired connection (MHL)

Remember that you may not always be able to stream content from your phone to TV via wireless connectivity. Anyone wishing to avoid problems like these should do one direct connection to the Smart TV (or normal).

While it's hard to find a compact HDMI output for tablets, in the form of a mini-HDMI or micro HDMI, it's not needed for your smartphone. Most phones don't have enough room for more powerful adapters. This problem can be solved by expanding the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) USB port. MHL 3.0 even allows HDMI transmission of 4K content from mobile devices to Ultra-HD TVs.

SlimPort as an MHL alternative for older devices

Google, along with other phone manufacturers, did not support MHL, but rather SlimPort. In addition to HDMI, Slimport can be used in conjunction with USB to send the signal to DVI, VGA and DisplayPort.

SlimPort compatible devices are becoming rarer, although some manufacturers, such as LG and HTC, still include MHL and / or Slimport support in their phones, but at this point it becomes difficult to rely on.

Connect smartphone to TV via HDMI cable

To connect your smartphone to the TV via the HDMI input, you will need a quality HDMI cable and an adapter that connects the smartphone's micro USB port to the HDMI cable (practically all smartphone manufacturers have one available and cables of any brand do the job), also called OTG cable.

Once the phone is connected to the TV via the cable, simply select the source on the TV screen. To do this, press the command button labeled “Source” (sometimes represented only by a symbol with an arrow pointing into a frame). When you select “HDMI”, the TV will show the current smartphone screen.

Other things you can try

If neither wireless streaming or MHL / SlimPort are a solution for connect Android smartphone to TV, maybe you can plug it into the USB port of the TV. In this way, the stored photos and videos can be viewed on the TV from the internal memory or the microSD card.

Did you use these methods for connect Android smartphone to TV? Or do you have an alternative method? Let us know in the comments!

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