How to create photomontages online?

If you are reading this article it is because you are looking for a way to make photomontages online for free. Surely you have always wanted to do photomontages and you didn't know how to do it. The very idea of ​​learning to use a complicated program with thousands of tools made you want to stop, right? Well, today we will see how to make photomontages online in a very simple and free way.

You don't have to be a graphics connoisseur, a photo editor or a Photoshop professional, you just have to be original, have clear ideas and use the online tools that the Internet offers us. And the best part is that you can create free photo montages online.

How to make a photomontage?

A photomontage is a creation made up of photographs with different characteristics, such as photos to which effects such as blur are applied or cropped and rearranged to give them a different look, to later merge them into a new image.

Once the job is done, you will have a new and unique image that you have created for free and online. To start making your first photomontage online, you just need to know where to go, have clear ideas and start making your free online photomontage.

How to create photomontages online? The best sites for photomontages!

1. Fotor

On the Fotor website you can find many options and resources to create your own photomontages, the best thing is that it is also a graphic design tool. It has many template templates to merge photos online, it also includes pre-designed backgrounds and images so that you can make magnificent photo montages and the best part is that it is free.

At your disposal you have the different templates to be able to create photomontages and customize your creations in an original way. You have a large number of images that Fotor puts at your disposal to obtain an excellent result.

Create your photomontages right away, don't wait any longer and create interesting content to upload to your social networks. There are tools to remove or change the background and add stickers. You can also adjust the size of your photos and add other images for an epic result.

How to make photo montages quickly and easily with Fotor?

  • Open Fotor and go to the «Design» tool.
  • Choose “Customize” and adjust the drawing size, now select the montage size.
  • Select the background you want or use one of your own vintage, enhancing the design by adding more photos, effects and overlays.
  • Save your work, determining the size you want it to occupy and the format you decide.
  • All ready to upload your photomontages on social networks or send them to your friends.

2. Can go

Like all the other browser-based free collage makers here, most of Canva's photo collage templates are free, but there are premium designs available for a fee as well. These are clearly marked, so you don't need to worry about making a design, so not being able to export it without parting with a handful of cash.

To get started, set up a new username and password or log in with your Facebook or Google account. Select "Personal Use" and you will be presented with a menu of project types, including social media graphics, banners, book covers and presentations. Select "Photo Collage," then "View All Collage Templates" to see the full set of free options available. Alternatively, click on "Elements" and choose a grid, then start adding images, borders, icons and other elements that will make up your collage.

To add your images, click "Uploads" and drag them from the desktop. You can then drag them directly onto the collage canvas. You can also add images from Facebook or Canva's free image library. If you've chosen a grid layout, they'll be resized and cropped to fit automatically.

Once done, you can save your collage as a printable PDF, PNG, or JPG file or make it public for others to use.

3. Photo Effects - Free online photomontages in Spanish

Now let's talk about a website that allows you to create photomontages, a little rougher, but simpler. If you want to access a quick photo click here. You can edit your photos and create photomontages to make greeting cards, photo collages or Christmas cards in a fun and original way, and as always for free.

Dominate the typical photomontage of "Put your face here", at your disposal you have hundreds of photographs on which to click and adjust the photo of a face, it can be of anyone, and you will have it mounted on the body of another, in a monkey, or on the body of Spiderman himself.

The result is a lot of fun and the procedure is quick and easy. Just choose the photo among all those we have available (more than 300 different), and click on it. Now you just have to choose the photo of your brother, or your friend, the one you want to use for the photomontage and upload it.

Offers options like adding text, the ability to automatically adjust the second photo, and even add an available filter. Click on «Next» and your photo is ready.

4. How to make photomontages with Movavi

With some time, practice and the Movavi program that we can download here, you have some simple tools at your disposal to get started creating photo montages online. The best thing about this program is that it allows us to enhance an old photo, sharpen a blurry image or add brightness to the images of our mobile phone.

With the help of this photo montage program, you can enhance various aspects of your images like brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. and improve the quality of your photos with just one tap.

The interface of this program is very simple, anyone can easily enhance the photo they prefer. To get started you just need to download the appropriate installation file, since it's available for Windows and Mac, and get to work.

Once the program is installed and opened, it does not you just have to click on Find images and choose the photo to enhance. You can also drag and drop the image file into the program window.

You will be able to see the difference of the final result with the original photo, and for this you just have to click on the “View original” option. If the results do not convince us, click on “Cancel changes”.

5. to create funny photomontages

On this website you can create any photomontage you can imagine, photo effects, frames and online cards for your best creations. All the ideas to add style, fun and originality to your photos, as many as you want.

Completely free you have tools such as funny effects, face retouching, correction, cartoons, create your own avatar and postcards, also of excellent quality. On the right of the web page you can choose or search among the categories you want, such as summer, art, lovers, sports, travel, infinite categories.

You can upload your photos from your computer, or directly using a URL, or even from Facebook itself. Best of all, the resulting photomontage can be uploaded and shared directly to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter… among other options.

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