How to cut SIM card into nano SIM or micro SIM, step by step

How to cut SIM card into nano SIM or micro SIM, step by step

We show you step by step how to fit any SIM card (the largest) into a micro SIM (for your smartphone) or nano SIM (also for smartphones). Although 2018 could be the year of the end of SIM cards, virtual SIMs should arrive on the market, we have yet to coexist with SIM cards of all forms of life and its micro SIM and nano SIM.

SIM, Mini SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM?

Why all these SIM cards of different sizes? As you may have noticed, the SIM card is a chip that contains all user information and allows you to use the services offered by the device, such as data, calls and messages.

Until recently, there were no such problems - SIM cards were one size fits all. Then Apple appeared with Micro SIM cards. These, although smaller, actually have a larger capacity than the original SIM card, not to mention the Nano SIM card, which is compatible with the latest generation devices.

Mini SIMs are nothing more than standard SIMs, the ones that have taken the place of the old 85.60 x 53.98 mm SIM card from 1999.

How to cut SIM card into nano SIM or micro SIM, step by step

Therefore, when we change the phone, many times the SIM that our new device uses is different from the one we have now. This leads us to consider the need to duplicate our SIM to have a nano SIM or a micro SIM. But, what if we show you how to convert SIM card to nano SIM or micro SIM? What do you say you want to try?

This is possible by reducing the size. That is, switch from SIM to its nano or micro version, or even from micro to nano. This is possible since the chip is the same and the only thing that changes is the size of the card itself:

  • SIM - 25mm x 15mm x 0,76mm
  • MicroSIM - 15mm x 12mm x 0,76mm
  • NanoSIM - 12,3mm x 8,8mm x 0,67mm

Convert a SIM card to micro SIM or nano SIM

 cut our SIM into a micro SIM or a nano SIM all we need is a pair of scissors, a ruler and a permanent marker, nothing more.

Also, we need to print the models (in 1: 1 scale) of the micro SIM or nano SIM models, for example from these links:

Micro SIM model

Model for Nano SIM

How to cut SIM card into nano SIM or micro SIM, step by step

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How to cut a SIM card, step by step

Once you have downloaded the templates, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Place the SIM card to match the shape of the model
  2. We can add some tape or soft glue for attach it to the paper
  3. We will put the ruler on the different cutting lines to be able mark on our SIM where to cut with scissors. As you can see in total there are 5 lines (the 4 sides plus the one that has an angle of inclination)
  4. The next step is to separate the SIM from the card and cut upsigns.

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With these simple steps we will have our SIM in nano or micro format. The important thing is to fix the SIM correctly to make more marks correctly.

Remember that if what you want to do is the reverse process (use a nano SIM card in a micro SIM cell phone, for example), all you need is an adapter. on Amazon we can find packages with 4 in 1 adapters for just over a euro.

As a curiosity, in some stores that sell mobile devices there are gods cutters to convert SIMs, although we might as well buy it ourselves. It takes a couple of euros at most to cut it.

Have you made it there? Have you succeeded? Can you advise us on a way not to make mistakes?

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