How to enter Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi Mi 8

How to get in Fastboot Mode su Xiaomi Mi 8. Here is a guide you can use to access the fastboot mode your Xiaomi Mi 8. Enthusiasts, developers and power users are always looking to perform new changes on their smartphone. Most, if not all, of these tweaks rely on Fastboot mode as it provides direct access to the phone's otherwise uneditable system partitions.

Furthermore, this mode is fully integrated and requires no installation. You just need to know the exact procedure through which you can enter the mode. Below you will find the detailed guide on how to enter Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi Mi 8.

On any Android smartphone, there is always a built-in mode that allows for system modification and monitoring, so that if the installation of the Android OS fails, it can be diagnosed or reset.

Using this functionality and concept, developers use it to install their mods on the smartphone. Also, this mode cannot be used without a computer, so make sure you have installed the drivers for Xiaomi Mi 8.

How to enter Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi Mi 8

Method 1: How to enter Fastboot mode on Xiaomi Mi 8

Here is a quick guide on how to enter Fastboot mode on your Xiaomi Mi 8 phone. If this is your first time with a Xiaomi phone, please carefully follow the following:

Step 1 - Turn off your Xiaomi Mi 8.

Step 2 - Now press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button for 6 seconds, then release them.

Step 3: The phone will reboot in quick start mode. This is the Fastboot screen, now you can connect your phone to your PC and access it via the Fastboot tool.

Method 2: How to enter Fastboot / Bootloader mode on Xiaomi Mi 8 using Android SDK

Step 1 - Download ADB / Fastboot and install them on your computer. Download from the following links according to your operating system and extract it anywhere on your computer.

  • Windows: Download
  • MacOS: download
  • Linux: download

Step 2 - Enable USB Debugging mode on your Xiaomi Mi 8 and connect it to PC.

Step 3: Go to Fastboot / Bootloader mode now. How? Open the folder and open Command Prompt (Shift + right click> Open Command Prompt).

Step 4: Type the following command and hit Enter.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 6 -  Xiaomi Mi 8 will shut down and then restart in fastboot mode.

That's all. You are now in Fastboot mode. If you want to go back to normal, select the first option. Note that the Volume Down button acts as a scroll while the Volume Up button acts as a Click / Select button.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you.

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