How to get Vanguard Marks fast

Guide to Earn Vanguard Brands Easily in Destiny [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In the guide with the help to find all the materials and brands of Destiny we have already seen that the best way to get the brands of the avant-garde is to participate in the Assaults (better if the weekly heroic ones). But if you are a lone wolf do not despair, here is the method for you.

How to get Vanguard Marks fast

If you are not part of a clan and prefer to play alone and / or do not want to wait to play the daily or weekly events, complete Public Events is a great option for you.

For each completed public event, in fact, You will get 4 Vanguard Marks, a special in-game currency accepted by some vendors who are located in the center of the Tower (be careful though, the marks are only obtained after reaching level 18!).

To earn up to 24 avant-garde brands in one hour, participate in three Public Events in a row, each with a respawn time of 30 minutes. What are these events? Here they are

  • 1. The Divide - Devil Walker Public Event
    Spawn Timer:: 15 /: 45 of each hour
  • 2. The Mothyards - Random Public Event
    Spawn Timer:: 30 /: 00 of each hour
  • 3. Forgotten Shores - Fallen Captain public event
    Spawn Timer:: 10 /: 40 of each hour

These events are very affordable when played with a good team, but can also be played solo. Check out the Destiny cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game.

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