How to go with a prostitute in GTA 5

GTA 5: How to Go With Hookers [360-PS3]

How to go with a prostitute in GTA 5


Even in Grand Theft Auto V there is no shortage of women of easy virtue, splendid (polygonally speaking) girls who carry out the oldest profession in the world in Los Santos.

How to go with a prostitute in GTA 5

Obviously we abhor this practice, but the guide is a must since this activity is among those required to complete 100% GTA 5. The mechanism is very similar to that already seen in the previous chapters of the series, with some small variations.

First of all, remember that the damsels are seen only at night and, although there are not a few, they are found only in some areas of the city. If you can't find one go to the del area molo "Del Perro" (west of the city) and you will find bread for your teeth. Alternatively, consult this map which highlights the places where you are most likely to find them.

It is advisable to show up with a sports car, possibly a luxury and convertible car, otherwise you run the risk of being rejected. As soon as you see one (it is not difficult to notice them) approach the edge of the road and, if necessary, also give a few honks.

The girl will get into the car, but nothing will happen until you stop in an isolated place, such as a parking lot, a beach, or a deserted alley. When you are alone enough, a menu will appear on the screen allowing you to choose the service (ehmmmm !!!). Spend some of your money and have a laugh. Here is a video showing it all (but not quite all of it, ohhh !!!)

Like going with the strip club dancers

It is also possible to take a tour with one of the dancers present in the various night clubs of the city. In this case the procedure is a little more complex, we have covered it in the guide dedicated to the booty call.

Now that you have refreshed the spirit (and not only him), consult the GTA 5 cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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