How to have infinite money in GT 6

    Gran Turismo 6: infinite money trick

    How to have infinite money in GT 6


    Are you dreaming of buying the nearly 1200 cars that make up the gigantic garage of Gran Turismo 6 (here is the complete list) but you lack the pennies to pay them all? Don't worry, there's a patch that's right for you.

    How to have infinite money in GT 6

    Open your ears and above all do not waste time, this is an exploit (glitch, bug, define it as you think) that will surely be corrected in record time. With patch 1.0.1 Sony gave gamers a Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. By selling it you can earn around 20 million credits. To become a real scrounger on the 4 wheels, all you have to do is download the 1.01 patch, take the car, uninstall the patch, sell the car and pocket the money.

    How to have infinite money in GT 6This trick only works with the retail (boxed) version of GT6, nothing to do for those who have downloaded the game from PSN. Before uninstalling the patch make sure you have another car selected as the current car (any one, as long as it is NOT the Mercedes AMG Vision), otherwise the game may crash.

    To uninstall the patch, exit the game, then in the PlayStation 3 dashboard go to the folder containing the Gran Turismo 6 data, enter the Game Data Utility folder and delete the GT1.01 patch 6 (without deleting the game save files, do a backup everything anyway for safety). Now go back to the game but be careful not to download patch 1.01 (disconnect the console from the internet or when prompted choose not to install). Back in the game, sell the AMG VGT / Mercedes-Benz Concept and get it right away 20.000.000 $. Now you can install the patch again and repeat the process as many times as you want to have infinite credits in Gran Turismo 6.

    Here is a video that shows it all

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