How to insert cheats in AC 4

    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: how to use cheats [full list]

    How to insert cheats in AC 4


    As in the previous chapters, also in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag we have the possibility to use some tricks to make our games more lively.

    How to insert cheats in AC 4

    In this new chapter of the series the cheats are unlocked by completing the Abstergo challenges. The challenges are 100 in total, but most of them are not difficult, they simply require you to continue playing the game's campaign, as their goal is usually to score a certain number of kills in a certain way, to accomplish certain actions a certain number of times or collect collectibles.

    For every 10 Abstergo challenges completed, a new cheat will be unlocked in the relevant menu. To see the complete list of Abstergo Challenges and check your progress, simply pause the game and select the "Abstergo Challenges" item. As mentioned, most of the challenges are easy to complete, but here are some tips for some challenges that can be a little more complicated.

    How to insert cheats in AC 4Remember that when you activate the cheats the game saving is deactivated, so remember to remove the cheats if you want to return to play normally and move forward in the game. Achievements and Trophies are also disabled with cheats.

    So here are the Assassin's Creed 4 tricks with the number of challenges you will have to complete to unlock them.

    • 10 Abstergo Challenges: Trick Celestial Navigation (blocks the day / night cycle)
    • 20 Abstergo Challenges: Trick Body of a Thousand Whales (on the Jackdaw, Edward will utter piratical phrases)
    • 30 Abstergo Challenges: Trick Mercilessly (Edward and Jackdaw's health does not regenerate)
    • 40 Abstergo Challenges: Trick The terror of the seven seas (Edward's notoriety at best)
    • 50 Abstergo Challenges: Trick I have a dry throat (Edward is always drunk)
    • 60 Abstergo Challenges: Trick The will of Poseidon (blocks the intensity of the waves, always flat or always rough)
    • 70 Abstergo Challenges: Trick The dead don't speak (Edward and Jackdaw no longer take damage)
    • 80 Abstergo Challenges: Trick For a thousand devils (all enemies turn into Rabbids)
    • 90 Abstergo Challenges: Trick Armed to the teeth (infinite ammo for both Edward and Jackdaw)
    • 100 Abstergo Challenges: Trick Crew of the dead (Jackdaw crew seamen are transformed into skeletons)

    With that is all. For other useful guides on this game remember to always consult the card Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag cheats and guides.

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