How to level up fast in Dead Rising 3

    Dead Rising 3: infinite XP guide / cheat

    How to level up fast in Dead Rising 3


    With so many zombies to "grind" a boost in leveling the character never hurts. Here are the best ways to gain experience points and maximize your "zombienator".

    How to level up fast in Dead Rising 3

    The game works like this: by killing zombies and completing certain tasks in the game you will earn prestige points. Prestige points are the classic experience points that will make you level up gradually, and for each level reached you will get Attribute Points. You will spend the Attribute points to upgrade your character more and more, with new skills and equipment. The point (dhoooo) is therefore this: what it is the best way to earn a lot of prestige points (XP)?

    Easy XP cheat

    Let's start with a video that shows an area that is immediately in the early stages of the game, where you can find at your complete disposal a Rollerhawg that is constantly reborn and a bunch of zombies just waiting to be rolled for good. The combination is a winner, in a few minutes and with minimal effort you can earn all the experience points you want.

    Watch the video and emulate

    Kill the Psychopaths and save the survivors

    In different areas of the game you will find other survivors being hunted by Zombies. Clear the area and rescue the survivors to earn no less than 4.000 PP. Another good way to earn a lot of experience points is to kill Psychopaths. We could call them the "bosses" of the game, and some are quite tough too. Kill them to get their powerful weapons, but also to earn a lot of PP. Follow our guide for beat all the Psychopaths of Dead Rising 3.

    Complete the challenges

    The game includes a long list of challenges that can be completed to earn many, many experience points. The challenges are quite simple and you will complete many of them with the natural progression of the game. It is possible to access the list of challenges at any time from the game menu, check it and make sure to complete as many as possible, each of them will yield no less than 10.000 PP.

    The trick is therefore quite simple: use these methods to earn PP and level up, spend the attribute points earned to make your character stronger and stronger, a real zombie-eating beast.

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