How to program a universal remote control

How to program a universal remote control

If your home is flooded with an ever-increasing number of remote controls, then it may be time to invest in a universal remote. Today there are remote controls for everything; Your TV, Cable Box, DVR, DVD Player, Music Players, and more.

Each of these devices usually comes with its own remote control. That's why a Universal remote control it can be so useful.

A universal remote can turn on and operate any equipment in a home theater system. However, proceeding with the programming of the new remote control, may reserve some setbacks.

For this reason, we have created this guide to the programming a universal remote control. Here how to program universal remote controls RCA e GE

How to program a universal RCA remote control

Read the following steps to find out how to program RCA universal remotes for your home entertainment system:

  1. Turn on the device you want to program.
  2. Press and release the button on the remote control that corresponds to the device you are trying to program (e.g. TV, DVD player, etc.). You will notice that the ON-OFF button will light up and stay lit as this step is completed.
  3. Press the button on the device again, this time simultaneously with the ON-OFF button. The ON-OFF button will turn off and on again immediately. Release both buttons once the ON-OFF button is reactivated. It should stay lit once the buttons are released.
  4. Press the PLAY button on the remote control. The device you are programming must respond within five seconds. If it does not respond after five seconds, press the PLAY button every five seconds until the device turns off.
  5. Press and release the REVERSE button when the device turns off to see if it will turn on again.
  6. Press and release STOP to save the new code.

How to program a GE remote control

A GE universal remote works like a universal RCA remote. To program GE universal remote controls, you can manually enter codes or use the code search function.

How to program a remote control by manually entering the codes

  1. Remove the battery cover and batteries from the GE universal remote control. You will find the model number; Note if it is version 1 (V1), V2, V3 or V4.
  2. Download the code list for your model on the website. Use the code for the device you are using.
  3. Turn on the device you are programming (TV, DVD player, DVR, etc.).
  4. Press and hold the SETUP button for four seconds until the indicator lights red.
  5. Press the corresponding device button, depending on the device you are programming.
  6. Enter the code. It can be 3-digit or 4-digit. If you entered the correct code, the light will go out.
  7. Press the power button. If the device turns off, the device has been correctly programmed into the remote control.

How to program a remote control using the code search function

  1. Find the version number of your GE universal remote control (same instructions as in step 1 above).
  2. First turn on the device you want to program on the remote control.
  3. Press and hold the SETUP button for four seconds, then press the corresponding device button.
  4. Press the POWER button and wait for the device to turn off. If you have a V2, V3 or V4 remote control and are programming a DVD player, press PLAY and wait for the device to start playing.
  5. After two seconds, press the POWER / PLAY button again. The device should shut down. If not, repeat until the device turns off. V2, V3 and V4 remotes do not need to keep pressing the button; The remote will send the order automatically every two seconds.
  6. Press the ENTER or OK button on a V1 remote control to lock the code. Press the number button “1” within two seconds to lock a code for a V2, V3 or V4 remote control. The light will go out if the code has been entered correctly.

That's all. I hope this short guide to programming a universal remote has been of help to you. If you have not been able to program your new universal remote, check the manufacturer's instructions carefully, contact customer service or connect to the official website, where you will most likely find useful instructions to complete the programming of your universal remote successfully.

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