How to recover data from a broken phone

How to recover data from a broken phone

How to recover data from a broken phone. You know that it is possible to recover data even with a broken screen. Ok we are ready, let's start with seeing how to recover data from a broken phone.

Have you broken your beautiful smartphone? So, before you send it to service (or in the garbage can) and lose all the data in it, you can try to recover files from your broken smartphone.

How to recover data with broken display

Here we will teach you a method to try recover photos and videos from a smartphone with a broken screen. Smartphones have a lot of sensitive data that is best protected. There are several ways to do this: hide certain files, lock apps to restrict access, use guest mode, back up to the cloud, or set passwords for apps.

The best way to ensure that all data contained is safe is to back it up. There are several applications on Google Play with which we can transfer data and make backups. In a few steps we can protect all our files. Easy Backup is a simple app that allows you to keep your data on the SD card or in the cloud.

There are many other options available in the Play Store to recover data from a broken phone.

How to recover data from a broken phone

recover files from a broken smartphone, you can count on the help of a PC. Before starting, your Android phone must have USB Debugging enabled, otherwise the computer will not be able to read the files.

In Settings> About phone, tap Build number 7 times. A message should appear indicating that Developer Options have been enabled. Go back to Settings and go to Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.

It could happen that, although the smartphone connects to the PC, the data we are looking for is not found. In this case, there are several applications that can come to our aid: RemoRecover, Wondershare and Recuva.

Wondershare and Remo are easy-to-use programs on your PC. Just follow the steps:

  • Start the program;
  • Connect your smartphone to the PC via USB;
  • Wait a few seconds;
  • Once the device is recognized, select the location of the data memory;
  • Select the files you want to recover;
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

Recuva is a little more complex, but much more powerful. He's able to recover accidentally deleted files, images and other data. For restore the data with Recuva, follow these steps:

  • Start the program;
  • Choose the type of file to recover;
  • Select the folder to browse for files / backups;
  • Click on Next;
  • Select the data you want to recover from the damaged drive;
  • Click Restore to get started.

Can't use the screen? But you can still recover the data with the broken display

If the touchscreen on your smartphone's screen isn't working, there are still ways to recover the data which contains. On phones that support USB OTG, you can use a USB mouse or even a keyboard and mouse combination to control your smartphone as if it were a computer.

Another option is to use your PC to control Android. The program for this is Droid @ Screen, which is very easy to use. With this program, we can access the smartphone screen from the computer.

After installing Droid @ Screen, connect your smartphone to the PC via USB, start the program and that's it: after a few seconds you will have a window with your Android desktop, fully functional and controllable.

Broken screen: how to use my smartphone and recover my data?

Is your smartphone screen broken? Don't panic, there are various ways to recover data even if the touch is unresponsive.

Smartphones have become crucial to our businesses, both personal and professional. A simple fall can more or less damage the screen which is the only input device of these devices. In this case, how can i use my smartphone and recover its data?

How to recover photos from a smartphone with a broken or no touch screen?

Touch functions respond

If the screen is broken but the touchscreen is working, you can install the Airdroid app. This application can be installed on the smartphone and on a computer (PC or MAC). Once installed on the two devices (smartphone and computer), you can pair them and control the smartphone from the computer using the mouse.

The touch no longer works

If the touchscreen no longer works, but you can still read what appears on the screen, you can use an OTG cable. With this type of cable that costs a few euros, you can connect a mouse to your smartphone. Once the controls are found, you can perform the operations listed below.

From there, whatever method you used, take advantage of having access to your smartphone again to perform your data recovery operations. To back up your data, photos, or videos, you can use Google Drive or the Dropbox app. For your SMS, the SMS Backup & Restore application is ideal.
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