How to Root Google Chromecast

How to Root Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast was among the first safer devices released by Google as rooting the device (after recent security fixes) was next to impossible., This hasn't really stopped the developers and finally after a long time, we have a method that allows user to rotate their Chromecast one more time.

However, before any of you jump for joy at the thought of finally being able to enjoy root privileges on the device, I remind you that this method of root does not require some specific hardware components which can cost up to 20 euros.

We take no responsibility for any damage that may be done to the device during or after the process, proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: you need a flash drive, a USB OTG cable and a circuit Teensy 2 o ++ Teensy 2  (click on the names for details). You can also request Win32DiskImager which must be installed on your computer. The expense will not exceed 20 euros.


  • Download the Teensy Loader from here  e install sul computer.
  • Download the necessary files for root from Let us know if you have any suggestions
  • Install the appropriate Teensy from the package to the Teensy device with the help of the Teensy Loader.
  • If you have a new Chromecast use 12940 otherwise use 16664. also remember to use plusplus _ *. Hex for Teensy 2 ++ and regular _ *. Hex for Teensy 2.
  • Now using the Win2DiskImager install the FlashCast image to your USB drive.
  • Connect the Teensy to a USB OTG and connect it to the Chromecast by holding down the reset button. The LED on the Teensy board will start blinking, wait until it becomes constant. If the LED does not start flashing, try the process again.
  • Disconnect the Teensy from your Chromecast and connect the USB cable and press the reset button again.
  • If you used the 12940 image, the LED on the Chromecast turns white, if you used the 16664 image, it should turn Red.
  • After about 5 - 8 minutes, the Chromecast will restart and voila, you will have a roted device.

That's it, we now know the whole process is pretty complex, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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