How to save the sacrificial victim

Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Rescue Jack Ryder, The Sect


Let's see how to complete one of the game's side quests.

How to save the sacrificial victim

"Sacrificial victim" is one of Batman Arkham Knight's "wanted" side missions.

Towards the end of the story ("City of Fear" advancement greater than 90%) you will learn that Jack Ryder is missing, then you will be directed to investigate the Lady of Gotham statue located on the small central island in the bay. On the spot you will find Ryder in trouble and a large group of enemies to defeat, so you have 3 minutes to defeat all the enemies, save Ryder and capture his attacker.

The video that you can see above shows how to save Ryder, after having done it successfully in addition to locking the deacon Blackfire at the commissariat you will also unlock the Trophy / Objective "The sect".

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