How to share files between Android and iOS

How to share files between Android and iOS with ease, Android and iOS have long been at war with each other for their smartphone and tablet market share. With nearly 80% of the mobile phone market share as of 2015, the first person you meet while walking down the street in the world is likely to be an Android user. Apple, iOS, is the next competitor, with a smaller but extremely consumer-focused base.

What happens when an Android user gets involved with iOS, and is required to quickly share a file between their respective devices? Often, frustration comes quickly. Once you start working with files larger than the 15-25MB limit imposed by most email services, productivity runs into a major hurdle. “What we have here is a communication failure,” to quote the prison director's famous words in Cool Hand Luke. Android and iOS devices don't interface with each other, but now there are a couple of solutions.

Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer is a simple Android application that allows sending large files over short distances by creating a unique local Wi-Fi network to the Android device and allowing the iOS device to access it. The advantage of this method is that it is faster than Bluetooth and is very easy to use. File transfers can be done in both directions, although for the iOS user he can receive the file, he must enter an IP address to access it. Another advantage is that this method works without the need for an available Wi-Fi network, as your Android device essentially does just that.


FEEM is a simple and elegant application for both Android and iOS, it allows problem-free file-sharing between the two devices, once again through the creation of a local Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is download Feem on both devices, enter your partner's username and then start sending and receiving files.

FEEM also has a local chat function, with which you can talk to your FEEM neighbors. This is useful, for example, when you need to receive some files from anyone who can send them inside an office building.


Instashare is available as an app for iOS, Android and Mac OSX, with Windows currently under development. Instashare is based on Apple's Airdrop feature, but adds the ability to send and receive files from Android devices. As of this writing there is a free ad-based version available for mobile devices and a $ 2,99 version for desktops.


Sharable is another neat option available in the Wi-Fi department. It works almost exactly like Instashare with the added bonus of being completely free, with zero ads and zero restrictions. The application can be installed on Mac, Windows, Android or iOS and works transparently connects users through the local Wi-Fi network of their device.

File Transfer per iOS

File Transfer for iOS, along with its sister File Transfer for Android, makes file transfers between devices. It has the added benefit of using Bluetooth whenever possible, rendering the Wi-Fi connection useless and allowing the software to automatically detect nearby devices. With near-zero configurations, this may be the best option on the list. It syncs seamlessly between devices.

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