How to take photos with a blurred background?

How to take photos with a blurred background?

How to take photos with a blurred background? We are going to share the simplest method for create a photo with blurred background. We all know the Google camera, right? It is officially available on Google Play.

It is not limited to the Nexus, but is available for all Android smartphones. So let's see a bit how to take pictures with blurry background on android. The Google Camera app comes with a new feature called the focal effect or focus effect.

It creates a simulation with bokeh effect DSLR cameras (interchangeable lens cameras). With the new function, the photographer chooses a focus point and the background is blurred. However, this effect is a bit unstable.

Just put your hand to the settings and everything is fixed. How to take blurry photos on Android? We increasingly like to capture images and record videos for memories and then share them with family and friends. If we look around, we find hundreds of applications available on the Google Play Store that claim to take the best photos.

How to take photos with a blurred background?

If we talk about photos with a blurred background, this is something we only get if we have a DSLR equipped camera. Although some high-end smartphones are normally capable of make blurry photos. However, not everyone can afford a high-end smartphone.

In this article, we will describe how this can be done Lens Blur Photo using the Android smartphone. Lens Blur creates the same effect as a DSLR, it focuses on the foreground object blurring the background.

Here are the five best apps that allow you to take pictures with the background out of focus:

1) Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application that gives your mobile device the power and control it needs to produce perfect photos and images. You can combine the lens blur effect by adding a beautiful bokeh effect to images.

2) After Focus

If you don't have a high-end camera, you can sfocus a photo on your Android, with this program, you can blur all the photos you want up to three levels and you can apply effects that give a professional look to your shots.

3) Focus Effects

With this application it is possible choose the area you want to focus on the photos and therefore it is possible add the blur effect to the background. The application does all the work for you.

4) Pixlr

Pixlr is a challenging photo editor that allows you to quickly edit and edit any image or photo on your phone, has no ads, and you can choose from more than 2 million effects sequences, overlays and borders to edit your images

5) Easy Focus

If you want focus and blur photos on your android device, I recommend that you download this application, which is available for free and takes up very little space on your mobile.

You don't have to buy a high-end phone for blur photos on android. Just download a free application from the Play Store and that's it!

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