How to transfer all data to your new phone

When you change your smartphone, you will definitely want to transfer your contacts, data and apps to your new device. You can also transfer the icon settings on the home screen, background image and more to your new smartphone. It is possible to transfer all your data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone and vice versa. We explain how to do it below.

How to transfer all data to your new phone

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How to transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone and vice versa

The most important thing you would like to transfer to your new device are the contacts. Fortunately, there are many options you can use to avoid doing this manually. Smartphones simplify the transfer of contacts thanks to cloud synchronization. We will show you how.

Synchronize your Google account

The easiest way to keep your contacts up to date across all your devices is to sync your Google account. If you have previously saved your contacts to your Google account, you can simply log into this service and have them on your new smartphone.

Go up Settings> Accounts> Google and turn on the switch contact synchronization. Your contacts will be transferred instantly.

Access to multiple Google accounts? You can then choose which account to use in your contacts app. By default, you will only be able to use the one you signed up with for the first time. For subsequent accounts, you may need to manually turn on sync.

In the Contacts app of your smartphone, you can set which contacts should be displayed by which accounts.

By the way: if you don't already have a Google account, you can create a new account on your smartphone. You can also do this on your computer and then log into your smartphone with the appropriate login information.

Syncing via Google has its advantages. On the one hand, it supports more complex formats than the data export explained below. On the other hand, you can use the Google account on almost any platform, including Windows phones, iPhones, and PCs running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Once you've synced your contacts with your Google account, it's easy to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. Just go to the Settings, and there you will find the option to add another account below Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

Google is one of the choices. Synchronize your Google account used above and after a while your Google contacts should be visible in your address book.

In the account overview, your Google account will appear as Gmail. Here you can set which parts of the Google account should be transferred to iPhone. If you only want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, you can also turn off Mail or Calendar.

To show or hide the contacts of individual Google accounts, you can enable and disable the accounts in the address book app. Go to the card Contact Us in the phone app and tap Groups.

Move to iOS

Alternatively, you can also rely on Apple. Apple released the Move to iOS app on the Play Store. Install this app on your Android smartphone and launch it. On your new iPhone (or iPad) you can now start importing data.

Go to iOS transfers contacts, SMS messages, photos and videos, email accounts and calendars. Since the transfer takes place via a specially created Wi-Fi network and is protected by a PIN code, the transmission takes place quickly.

How to export contacts to an SD card

If you don't like syncing via a Google account, and your old and new smartphone have an SD card slot, you can transfer your contacts via the memory card.

To do this, exports before contact data on the SD card using the old smartphone. The file is then stored in the directory that appears first when you connect your smartphone to your computer.

Then remove the SD card and insert it into the new device. Now go to your address book and choose the option from the menu matter. Just follow the instructions and your contacts will be transferred automatically.

Problems may occur when you merge many contacts from different address books or if your contacts contain a lot of data. So, it can sometimes happen that from a single contact, two, three or more are created; this can be very annoying.

Then this article will be useful for you to know how to remove duplicate contacts on Android!

Copy contacts via internal memory

This method basically works like backing up to an SD card, but in this case the contacts are stored in the phone's internal memory. With this method, you can connect the device to the computer and save the contacts there, and then transfer them via PC to the new smartphone.

Suggestion: remember the location that your smartphone indicates to you when you save the contacts file, so you can find it immediately on your PC. Typically, the .vcf file is located in the folder System. If you have a file manager on your smartphone, you can search for the file on your phone and send it directly from there, as an email or via Bluetooth to the new device.

How to copy contacts via SIM card

If you want to use the SIM card of the new device as the old one, you can transfer and copy the contacts to the SIM card so that you can restore them to the new device.

The advantage of this method is that you can select or deselect contacts one by one. The main drawback is that the memory space on a SIM card is limited; you will be able to store a maximum of 200 contacts.

From iPhone to Android

Transferring data between Apple and Android isn't always easy, but there is a simple solution for contacts. Google provides a step-by-step explanation on its support pages on how to sync Gmail, calendar and contacts from iPhone and iPad.

You will need to set up a Google account on your Apple device, which goes through the app Settings in the area Email, Contacts, Calendar. Since iOS 7 was introduced, you can simply select Google, but for iOS 5 and iOS 6 the path is through Other, then via Add CardDAV account.

Set up your account and turn on the option Contact Us after logging in. After that, the synchronization of your contacts will start automatically. On the new Android smartphone, you can then sign up with the same account information to sync and transfer contacts as described above.

Independent of Google, Android smartphone makers have developed apps that transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung and other similar companies.

In some cases they work with a cable connection, some through ad hoc connections between iPhone and Android, while others work with the Cloud for the specific smartphone manufacturer.

Sony Xperia Transfer

Sony's solution for data transfer is called Xperia Transfer. The app allows you to transfer content and contacts from iOS, BlackBerry, Windows phones or other Android devices to a new Xperia phone. Transfer contacts, calendar, call log, SMS, MMS, notes, photos, music, videos and documents.

Samsung Switch Mobile

Samsung, the market leader in the Android area, is also equipped with a solution to make switching from a phone to a Samsung phone as easy as possible. Samsung's solution is called SmartSwitch Mobile and is used to switch from an iPhone to a Galaxy, upgrade from an older Galaxy model, or switch from another Android smartphone.

On the Samsung support page, the SmartSwitch process is explained in detail. If your old device was a Samsung Galaxy running Android Marshmallow, you can even transfer the startup screen layout to the new device.

HTC Transfer Tool

HTC doesn't give the transfer app a special name; it is simply called HTC Transfer Tool. Again, the approach is the same as in other manufacturers.

The app must be installed on the old and new smartphone, but the new phone must be from HTC. Then transfer your email, calendar, messages, contacts and call list, photos and videos, music, background images, documents and settings.


If you have a new LG smartphone, you can use one of the methods above or settle for LG Bridge. The software can offer everything other manufacturers do with their apps, but a PC or Mac is required. On LG's support page you will find all the information you need after entering your smartphone model.

We also recommend the app downloadable from the LG Backup (Sender) Play Store. With this you can transfer SMS, contacts, appointments and calls from the old to the new smartphone via cable, WLAN or MicroSD card.

How to transfer SMS

You can transfer your old SMS to your new Android smartphone. The free SMS backup app, SMS Backup & Restore, does exactly that. Your messages are stored in XML format and can therefore be sent directly to your new smartphone via Bluetooth. Alternatively, the backup file can be sent via email or to the cloud and downloaded from there.

The backup app must also be installed on the new Android smartphone. When started, it automatically detects the sent file and restores the SMS messages. Warning: during import, the app does not pay attention if the SMS are already there. If you import them twice, you will have all the SMS in duplicate.

How to transfer WhatsApp chat

Full WhatsApp chat streams can be transferred to the new smartphone with a little trick, including pictures, videos and sounds. To do this, it is necessary download WhatsApp on your new smartphone and replace the backup folder on the new smartphone with the backup folder of the old device before starting the app for the first time.

To transfer Whatsapp data read these two articles:

  • How to transfer WhatsApp messages between phones
  • How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

How to transfer photos

The simplest solution for backing up photos from Android smartphones is to perform automatic backups to the cloud. Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive or Google+ offer automatic synchronization when the smartphone is connected to a wireless device.

Thus, the volume of mobile data is saved, the image upload is fully automated and the images can simply be downloaded from the cloud to the new Android device.

If both smartphones have a MicroSD card slot, you can back up the images to the SD card and restore them to the new device.

Of course, there is also a way via PC: just connect your smartphone, copy the image folder to your PC and move them from there to your new Android smartphone. Mac users need to download Android File Transfer for transfer, otherwise it won't display any files.

To transfer photos and videos from an Android device to an iPhone, you can also use the Copy my data app, which guides you step by step through the transfer of old data from a Samsung phone and other brands and from Android to iPhone.

How to transfer music

Your songs will likely be in MP3 or similar format. This is one of the folders that will appear on your computer after connecting your smartphone. Mac users need to download Android File Transfer to view files.

Save these files to your computer and transfer them to the same folder on your new smartphone, or you can create a new folder. Regardless of the name of your folder, your player should be able to find the songs.

If you want to transfer music to iPhone, you need to transfer MP3 directory on computer to iTunes library. Apple's step by step guide will help you transfer your music from Android to iPhone.

How to transfer applications

As soon as you log in to your new Android smartphone with the Google account, it will try to install previously downloaded apps from the Play Store. Google's backup system is used, which unfortunately only applies to a very small number of apps.

To transfer app data from one Android device to another, additional backup apps are required. Many games now use Google Play Games' cloud save feature. So you just need to install the game on the new smartphone and you can continue playing from the same place you left the game on the old phone.

  • How to transfer applications from one Android device to another

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