How to use cheats in The Sims 4

    All cheat codes for The Sims 4 [PC]

    How to use cheats in The Sims 4


    Let's see immediately how they are used and what are the tricks available for The Sims 4.

    How to use cheats in The Sims 4

    In The Sims 4 it is possible to use different game cheats, which must be entered directly into the command console. To open the console then press the key combination CTLS + SHIFT + C, then type the code of the trick you are interested in and then press enter.

    What are the codes to activate the cheats in The Sims 4? Here they are, along with other useful commands you can enter.


    • Help - shows all commands available for the command console.
    • resetSim first name surname - enter the name and surname of your sim. Reset the Sim with the given name and surname
    • fullscreen - activate / deactivate the full screen
    • headlineeffects on - activate the effects of the headline on the screen (use off instead of on to disable the trick)
    • death.toggle - invincibility, disable death, the Sim will not be able to die
    • freerealestate on - all houses will become free (used off instead of on to disable the trick)
    • fps on - enable fps display
    • Motherlode - adds 50,000 Simoleons
    • Kaching - adds 1000 Simoleons
    • Rosebud - adds 1000 Simoleons
    • key combination Shift + ] - increases / decreases the size of the objects

    In addition to the tricks listed above, there are also those that can be used interacting with Sims or other objects.

    - enter the command testingcheats true (used false instead of true to disable)
    - enter the command Cas.fulleditmode

    Now holding down the SHIF key and by clicking at the same time with the mouse on a Sim (or an object) you can use CAS skills.


    • Shift + Click su Sims
      • Reset Object – Resetta Sim
      • Add to Family - adds the Sim to the current family
      • Cheat Motive> make you happy
      • Cheat Motive> activate Motive Decay - the motives change dynamically
      • Cheat Motive> disable Motive Decay - the motives are static
    • Shift + Click on Objects
      • Reset Object - Reset the object
    • Shift + Click on Objects that can get dirty
      • Make Dirty - makes objects dirty
    • Shift + Click on Dirty Objects
      • Make Clean - cleans objects
    • Shift + Click Mailbox
      • Reset Object – resetta Mailbox
    • Shift + Click a terra
      • Teleport Me Here - teleports the Sim to the selected point (or as close as possible)
    • Shift + Click Sims
      • Modify in CAS - will enter edit mode

    Here is also a video showing these latest cheats in action

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