How to use enchanted books in Minecraft

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Minecraft is an open world sandbox game that prides itself on its versatility. Whether you want to explore vast kingdoms or build a thriving community, Minecraft gives you the tools to succeed in virtually any endeavor. With the enchanting mechanics, though, they took things to a whole new level.

What would you do with an ax that never breaks or boots that make you go faster underwater? Why play a mere mortal when enchanted items can bestow superhero-worthy traits?

Well, maybe he's not exactly a superhero, but the right spell can get you out of some tough situations. Read on to learn more about spells, how they work, and what you need to start enchanting your items.

What's enchanting about Minecraft?

Enchanting is a Minecraft game mechanic in which players can add special abilities to armor and tools. It's like enchanting the mechanics found in other games, with some slight differences.

Level and experience play a big part in what you can enchant and how powerful the spell is, but you also need key components like Lapis Lazuli and an enchanting table. However, you can ignore the special crafting table if you have cheats enabled in creative mode. Simply use the "/ enchant" command to add special abilities to your items.

How to Build a Spell Table in Minecraft

If you don't already have an Enchanted Table, you'll need the following ingredients to create one:

  • 1 book
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 Obsidian

Place the book in the top center processing grid. The three central squares of the crafting grid are filled with a diamond, obsidian, and diamond, in that order. Fill the bottom row of the grid with the remaining obsidian pieces to complete the table.

Add spells

Spell tables function like regular crafting tables, except that you need lapis lazuli to start the process. You can find this vibrant blue stone in deep mines and caves and collect them with a standard stone pickaxe. 

Try to collect as many as possible so that you always have this integral resource on hand whenever you want to charm something.

You will also need an item to enchant, such as a weapon, armor, or tool. Spells can also be applied to books. The spells in the book act as a "placeholder" to save a special ability and use it on an object later.

After placing the lapis lazuli and the item on the spell table, you will see a list of three spells to choose from. The spell options are random. 

If you don't see what you want to use, try dragging a different item from your inventory to the crafting square and turning it off again. Choose your spells wisely because once applied to an object, you cannot change them.

If you are not satisfied with an item you have enchanted, you can disenchant it with a grinding wheel or use the crafting grid to repair it. Both actions remove any spell on an object except the Curse of Evanescence and the Curse of Binding.

A word on the shelves

You don't necessarily need shelves to start enchanting, but it is in your interest to create some as soon as possible and place them around the spell table. 

Shelves can increase available spell levels and increase the likelihood of getting powerful spell options when crafting.

With no nearby bookstores, the minimum experience level never exceeds eight. As a result, you will have a hard time getting spells that match your experience at higher levels.

To create a bookcase, you only need boards and a book. Place up to 15 bookcases around the lovely table to maximize your options. Just remember to keep a buffer zone of a block between the edges of the shelf and the table.

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How to enchant items in Minecraft

You can enchant most items like armor, tools and weapons. Even if you think an object is "not enchanting", there may be alternative solutions such as:

  • Using the anvil and an enchanted book
  • Use the anvil to combine two enchanted items
  • Enter creative mode and use the spell commands

The trick is to get the right combinations of spells on the right objects. For example, when you first start enchanting at level 1, try using a repair spell on your favorite tool or weapon. 

The repair spell doesn't necessarily stop your item from wearing away, but it does have a fantastic repair trick that new players may find useful.

Imagine that you are away from home and your trusty ax breaks as you gather resources. Rather than walking all the way home to craft another one, your ax will repair itself with experience gained from using the item.

The spell of luck is another great option to use on any resource gathering tool. Each time you hit a block with a luck-enchanted tool, you will receive more resources per block.

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How to create an enchanted book?

To create enchanted books, you will need three elements:

  • Spell table
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • A book

You can create a book at your work table using:

  • 3 letter
  • 1 skin

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled when you are out fishing. Many players also get the books randomly this way.

Once you have the three basic items, go to your spell table and place the lapis lazuli in the top right box, to the left of the spell options. Place the book in the box to the left of the lapis lazuli and choose your spell.

However, you can only enchant one item at a time, so if you're planning on racking up spells, you'll need to repeat the process.

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How to use enchanted books in Minecraft to create enchanted items?

Now that you have an impressive library of enchanted books, it's time to make use of them. Enchanting with books is a slightly different process than placing the special ability directly on an object. Instead of using an enchanted table, you will be using your trusty anvil.

Once the anvil creation grid is open, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the item you want to enchant in the first slot.
  2. Put the enchanted book in the slot next to the item.
  3. Take your newly enchanted item and put it in your inventory.

You can also combine enchanted books to create a single book with multiple spells or spells with higher levels, just like combining tools and weapons. Keep in mind, however, that combining books doesn't always work in a player's favor.

If you have two enchanted books of the same level, they can be combined to produce a single higher level volume. However, if you combine two books and some spells are non-transferable, the anvil will only transfer the appropriate abilities. Any unusable skills are lost in the process.

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How to get better enchanted items in Minecraft?

There are two ways to get the highest level of spells in Minecraft:

  • Level up your character
  • Build shelves

No level is required to start enchanting in the game, but the level of the spell is tied to your character's XP. The higher your character level, the better your choice of high-ranking spells will be.

Just remember that your character's level can affect spell levels, but it doesn't affect spell options. Spells are still random regardless of your character level.

Another way to get higher grade spells is to surround your lovely table with shelves. Think of it as a library for all that arcane knowledge you want to instill on your items. However, you can't just place shelves around the house and expect it to make an impact.

Your lovely table is very particular about where it wants its bookcase and placement is very important. The shelves should be two blocks away from the lovely table with nothing between the bookcase and the table. Also, the shelves must be the same height or no more than one block higher than the table.

If you want to maximize your spellcasting efforts, aim for a level 30 character with 15 shelves (the maximum) surrounding the table.

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Additional FAQs

How to combine enchanted books in Minecraft?

You can combine enchanted books on an anvil. Just open the anvil crafting grid and place both enchanted books in the boxes to create a volume. When you combine books of the same level, you may get one that is the next level if a higher level is available.

How to read Minecraft spell language?

Minecraft's spell language comes from a 2001 PC game called Commander Keen. Use the standard galactic alphabet found in the classic game. Many players may be interested in learning this fictional language, but before you do, you should know that the words and phrases are random.

You will not receive further spell insights. The words and phrases you decode may have nothing to do with the game, but they could be a fun way to pass the time. 

If decoding Minecraft's spell language sounds like a good time, standard galactic alphabet charts are available online.

Enchanting skills at your fingertips

You may not be able to become a child of Krypton with your lovely Minecraft table, but you'll come awfully close. Just remember that you don't necessarily have to create spells yourself. They are all around you. 

Buy enchanted books from the villagers and check your loot. You never know when you'll come across a game-changing spell.

What spells are your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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