Hyper Scape: here is the date of Season 2 and all the main news

The Battle Royale shooter made by the French house Ubisoft is preparing to receive the first major change that will bring the title in his 2 season. We are talking about Hyper scape that, starting from this Wednesday 6 October will receive a big update that will introduce many new features including new weapons, new hacks and above all new modes. Let's go now to see the main Hyper Scape updates.

Starting from 20:00 until 21:00 on October 4th there will be an event that will precede the new season of the game which is called Project Tower. From 6 October, however, the contents that will change are so many. First of all the classification system has been revisedIn fact, the rank will be decided based on the best ten games in the Crown Rush Squad mode: Champion, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every day gifts will be given which can be various objects, cosmetic items or even Battle Points. Finally, a new free and premium 100 Tier Battle Pass will be released along with several new skins and more. Inside the map you will be able to discover a new neighborhood and a new weapon, the Atrax, capable of firing bullets that explode after a period of time. A new limited-time hack will also be made available, the platform, which allows to use a horizontal platform giving greater freedom of movement and creativity. Speaking of the new modalities we find Crown Rush Duo e Floor is Lava. Especially in this second, the Platform hack turns out to be really essential. The Crown Rush, Faction War and Turbo Mode modes will finally return, along with other unspecified surprises.

Finally, Dark Horse Comics and Hyper Scape have released a second issue of the comic namesake which is called: HYPER SCAPE # 1 The First Principle Part 2. Follow-up to the digital series consisting of 12 comics that will be published monthly. You can find it on the game's website, Dark Horse Digital and Comixology. This and much more are the news of this Season 2 of Hyper Scape.

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