Hyper Scape - Preview, tried the Ubisoft battle royale

After the thousand leaks that have emerged over the past few months, Ubisoft has finally revealed his to the world BattleRoyale, which takes the name of Hyper Scape. A very different experience from how we would have imagined it considering the information appeared on the net, which saw the well-known characters of the important software house colliding with each other. Instead, we are faced with an experience that aims to be revolutionary, embracing some unexplored features of this genre (now abused), in order to give users an innovative and fun product, which also in this case enters the infinite category gods Free to Play.

Over the past few hours we have been able to thoroughly test the game, at least in its first version, finding that this does not in any way want to force players to pay, and therefore reduces the entire microtransaction system to simple cosmetics. So let's see what he plans to offer Hyper Scape players once the title makes its debut on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer. We also remind you that it is You can participate in the technical beta of the game for free, using the platform of Twitch as explained in the following guide.

From Twitch to Hyper Scape

The new idea of ​​Ubisoft starts from the foundations of this genre, dug with the brand of The Culling but starting from the idea of Hunger GAMES, books where mankind was put to the test in free-for-all battles aimed at satisfying the upper classes. Hyper Scape in fact presents important hints to the narrative, thanks to which the context of the games is deepened to the fullest, and undoubtedly made fascinating. This takes the form of real arenas filled with death, where to survive it is necessary to exterminate every single opponent, for the sole purpose of entertaining spectators. This time, the whole thing is transposed into a futuristic themed era Cyberpunk, with the variations related to the application of this concept in a new reality.

Twitch is not in fact a useful platform only to get the beta to the game, but a supporting feature, through which spectators from around the world can interact to change the course of matches. We are talking about a really interesting mechanic, which through surveys and possible donations encourages spectators from all over the world to cheer for virtual clashes, partially breaking down the barriers of the screens and creating imbalances during the matches. Crowncast, the application already included in the game client, guarantees all this, with surprising ease of interaction. Fortunately, the software house has seen fit to propose these interactions by patenting one unusual formula to say the least, which can, with every possibility, shake the balance of the genre.

FPS Arena 2.0 in Battle Royale

Who would have thought that the mechanics of Unreal Tournament and Quake would make their return in 2020, under a completely revolutionized perspective? That's right, however, the small flashes of videogame history are accompanied by new simply brilliant ideas, which make every game exciting and heart-pounding. The most incisive factor concerns the user mobility, real angry bulls that run, slide, and leap into the air at the speed of light! In all of this the shooting system certainly does not go into the background, as it is clear that to take home the victory it is necessary to aim for the first position.

The mechanics of the teams showed themselves to be well done, with 33 teams of 3 people that make up every game. It is easy for every member of the team to die, but at the same time be resurrected. After death a virtual echo allows players to move around the map, in the search for a platform that allows you to come back to life thanks to the help of a teammate. For the latter, it will be enough to carry out a kill to create one, and go to it for a few seconds to finalize the action. In this way matches end up lasting a long time, and it is possible in a single match to resurrect multiple times, until the entire team is defeated. To create a remedy for extreme length, Ubisoft studied a new Safe Zone system, providing players with a possible second approach to victory.

The game map is the city of New Arcadia, and this is divided into specific areas, represented by real neighborhoods. Same, they are gradually corroded and rendered unusable, forcing players to move to a somewhat narrow circle. At this point, the remaining teams have a chance to compete for a particular crown, which if kept by the same player for 45 seconds, it allows you to win thanks to the flattery of the public. Last, although certainly not least, is the shooting system: dynamic, fun and full of possibilities. Are present a lot of technological weapons, all extremely powerful and threatening, which can be upgraded if duplicates are found. Two are added to the two guns additional powerful skills to employ, which also in this case can be collected by exploring the map.

Ready to revolutionize the genre?  

It seems that this time Ubisoft has not spared itself with good ideas, and that Hyper Scape can really be a product with excellent prospects. The company has proposed a really not bad technical beta, which on the graphic - and artistic - side has managed to provide an excellent impact, balancing the optimization of the work in the best possible way to guarantee all PC configurations an excellent response under this point of sight. The gameplay is harmonious in its total imbalance, where every single factor is boosted beyond belief, from the possibilities of movement to interactions with weapons and skills. We'll see how the game evolves towards hers upcoming day one, discovering the plans of the software house for a possible system of ranked games. We can't wait to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Hyper Scape, stay tuned to our pages to find out more soon!

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