Immortals Fenyx Rising - Guide to Corrupted Warriors

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Guide to Corrupted Warriors

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, the adventure set in the mythological Greece of Ubisoft, you will be able to prove your fighter skills in tough boss battles, but some disputes will be more intense when it comes to competing with the ghosts of the corrupt heroes. These heroes were summoned by the gods to counter the titan Typhoon before the events that will unfold in the game, but he was able to bribe them and force them to fight alongside him. Until you defeat them in their shelters, weaker versions of these heroes may randomly appear on the map while you are doing other activities, so it would be more convenient to eliminate them as soon as you feel ready. In this guide we will give you some suggestions for each of the heroes in question. The first essential thing to do, however, is to update the equipment and wear the most suitable accessory to restore health, in addition to the sword, obviously also improved.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Immortals Fenyx Rising, regarding various sections of gemeplay and different details on the story created by Ubisoft. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.


It is the first specter that you will encounter during the research you will carry out to help Afrodite. His fighting method is quite repetitiveor as it will launch three sequences of parry attacks before charging, glowing red and unleashing a horizontal swing you can't block, followed by a cut from above. Sometimes he launches an extra attack that is not parable but can be guessed at. Try pplow as many bindings as possible to leave a small opening for light attack combos, and then increase his stun bar through timely parries. As soon as it glows red dodge and try to time it by slowing down time for your combo. When he falls, unload it on him, and be careful because he will start attacking again as soon as he gets up. If you manage to keep the right rhythm of parrying and dodging, in no time you will put an end to the dispute.


This character goes with his bear. The first thing that would come to mind is to eliminate the bear first, but nothing more wrong because the animal is very tough, so pay attention directly to Atalanta. Use different arrows trying not to get too close, also because you don't have to lose sight of the bear that is always stuck to it. When it lunges forward, calculate the right time to dodge or parry and this will slow down time, giving you extra hits on the main target.


This hero also has a repetitive sequence of moves that allows you to organize yourself to defend yourself from attacks, but probably you will be able to fix it before you even learn them as it will do several extra actions, such as push-ups or brewing potions, and this will give you enough time to prepare for the counterattack. Attack and parry and when it starts to glow red, dodge to get out of range, then start again with the attack and parry.


He is undoubtedly the most ingenious of all heroes and proves it with some unpredictable solutions. For example, he teleports to the battlefield, appearing around you and making two unbreakable attacks and one yes. But if you can predict where it will appear, you will have a nice advantage. Or create his own clones, which it is true that they do not have much health and go down without problems, but they are still very annoying, especially if they surround you, and they waste time. In this case, try to eliminate them as soon as they are generated. When it glows red before attacking, it's better if you try to dodge rather than parry.

This was all there was to know about the corrupt bosses of Immortals Fenyx Rising, we hope we have been useful to you. If you need other help for the games of the moment, we remind you that we have an entire dedicated guide section.

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