InFamous Second Son: easter eggs, secrets and curiosities

    InFamous Second Son: easter eggs, secrets and curiosities

    InFamous Second Son: easter eggs, secrets and curiosities


    Here we are in our legendary article dedicated to the easter eggs present in InFamous Second Son.

    Before leaving I remind you that in the Infamous Second Son tricks and guides tab you will find many useful guides for this game, such as the one to easily unlock all the trophies and many others.

    Now, sit back comfortably, because we will see some good ones.

    Cole is here
    Cole McGrath was the protagonist of the previous chapters of the series (infamous and infamous 2). Scattered throughout the game you will find "Cole McG's" shops. Watch the video

    Cole is here again
    In one of the anti-terrorism promotional messages "Call the DUP" the population is alerted to the threat of Bio-terrorists, such as the terrible "Cole McGrath". Listen to the audio in this video.

    And "Zeke" is here too
    One more reference. When a neighborhood is 100% free, a new logo is also unlocked to put on the shoulder of Delsin's clothes. One of these is "Zeke's Luchy 7". Watch it in the video, what does it remind you of?

    Sly Cooper (nooo, Sly Cooper too ???) yes, Sly Cooper is here
    This we expected, because Sly Cooper, or the protagonist of another famous Sucker Punch game, has always appeared in some way even in the previous chapters. This time the Sly Cooper logo was found on one of the pins on Elsin's jacket (but see a bit), and one of the graffiti is also dedicated to the big cat. Watch the videos

    Link (noose but he too) is here !!!
    Inside Eugene's house, it is possible to notice among the objects scattered here and there, an object that is suspiciously very similar to the mythical Master Sword of Link, the protagonist of Zelda. Vena Nintendara at Sucker Punch? Here's the picture

    The Xbox (and no casserole, the xbox no !!!) is here
    Then. Pass Sly Cooper who has always been there and that is their stuff too. Pass Zelda which is a World Heritage Site, but the Xbox cannot be in an exclusive game for PS4 !!! And instead they put that too, look at the "BuXton" signs! And not only that, the most mischievous have preferred to read starting first from the bottom (Not) and then from the top (BuX, which can easily be exchanged for BuY), therefore, "Not Buy Xbox". Ohhh nooooooo !!!!

    InFamous Second Son: easter eggs, secrets and curiosities

    Call of (see, imagine if this didn't fit us somehow) Duty is here
    In the shelter, on the table with all the monitors, you notice the cover of one of the CDs: Call of DUP 4. But these are crazy !!!

    Knack (oh well, now, only Cicciolina is missing) is here
    A nice toy / stuffed animal reminds us that a certain Knack has also been released on PS4. If you don't believe it, watch the video.

    And this was the last. And you, have you discovered anything else? Like a blow-up doll with Berlusconi's face? If so, split the comments below.

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