Infinite gold makeup

Thief: tricks to earn money / GOLD


As good thieves connoisseurs of precious metals, let's see what are the best ways to make money in Thief.

Infinite gold makeup

Before moving on to the conventional methods to earn money in Thief, let's see a trick discovered by a youtube user that can practically make us have infinite money and that now I'll explain. As we have already seen in the guide to customer commissions, in addition to the main missions we can also complete the secondary missions of Ector and Vittori.

In particular, while we will be between Chapter 4 and 5, we will be able to repeat as many times as we want the mission n ° 1 of Ector "Hand toilered". Apparently, in fact, if we do not collect all 3 unique loot present in the mission, after completing it the game will allow us to try again a second time, giving us the opportunity to collect all the treasures and special objects present in the level again. By continuing to repeat the mission you can earn up to 270 Gold every 10 minutes.

Here is a video showing where to find all the loot in this mission, but remember not to collect the 3rd unique loot ...

Other ways to earn Gold

If you don't like tricks and considering that in all likelihood the exploit just shown will be fixed with a patch, let's see the conventional methods of making money in Thief.

First of all I advise you to collect all the collectible items (follow the Thief collectibles guide), or the objects that Garret will keep in his shelter. These are items that do not immediately yield gold, but if you manage to collect them ALL you will be rewarded with well 30.000 gold coins.

In addition to the collectibles, scattered throughout the various chapters you will also find i bottini. There are plenty of them and each will earn you a certain amount of gold, so while playing the various missions always keep your eyes peeled and collect anything.

As good thieves remember also that you can pickpocket the guards that populate the play areas. Often and gladly these have pouches hanging from the belt (sometimes even more than one) containing Gold that is waiting only for your soft and thieving hands.

Finally, don't forget the challenges, the Bass missions (guide of Basso's works) and the customer commissions (leads Ector and Vittori missions). They are all optional chores that will earn you a lot of extra gold.

Important: check out the Thief cheats and guides tab for other guides on the game, such as the guide with all the combinations of the safes, the solution to the main and secondary missions and many more.

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