Infinite XP cheats

Easy XP Cheats, Level Up Fast in Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here's a way to earn lots of experience points in Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark.

Infinite XP cheats

To earn a lot of easy XP proceed as follows: get to the end of chapter 7, equip the hack + 300% XP and then, if possible, also the mod "XP multiplier x6" just before jumping on the turret. Before the end of the sequence, reload the checkpoint or let Jazz die to repeat this area over and over and earn lots of experience points. Here is a video showing the whole process


Alternative method

There is another method, also quite valid, to level up quickly. This method will earn you less XP than the first, but you can do it in Chapter 2. Watch the video that shows you step by step how to proceed.

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