Is Rainbow Six Parasite the new name of Rainbow Six Quarantine?

Not even a few minutes ago we told you about the possible release date of Rainbow Six Quarantine, next title in the saga Ubisoft now in the pipeline, which seems to have been unveiled following a publication on the PSN about a 14 GB day one patch, which announces the presumed official date. A few moments later, however, here comes some new and very interesting information (unofficial but unofficial), or a name change to the original title of the game that seems to have become Rainbow Six Parasite.

According to a report by MP1ST and the image that you can see on the cover, the new war chapter has changed its name following the global pandemic from Coronavirus which, albeit unintentionally, can be easily linked to events around the world under the title "Quarantine" . According to the official description of the game:

Rainbow Operators will face a new species of mutated alien parasite. This new enemy is the deadliest and most challenging ever, as it infects human hosts and the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, it would seem that the new Rainbow Six Parasite can also be played remotely using the dear and unfortunately now forgotten PS Vita. Ubisoft had already stated several times that it had some doubts about the actual final name of the product and that, if necessary, it would receive a final modification. Immortals Fenix ​​Rising is a rather recent case that brings to light changes or changes of the last moment following events, or possible repercussions, which it is always better to avoid. At the moment we do not yet know if the price of the game will undergo an increase for the "next-gen" version, but Ubisoft does not seem willing to make changes on this, confirming at least for now a standard price to those of the now past generation. Also there may be a possibility that the title will receive shortly a Beta version before day one, similarly to what happened with Rainbow Six Siexe, giving players the opportunity to try the new chapter of the saga in advance.

? New Title: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Parasite

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