Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

Oh yes, dear gentlemen: we are at that time of year again. Our Just Dance 2021 review reminds you that, at the time of writing, the new chapter of the series is already available for purchase in stores; but given the not particularly favorable historical period, we advise you to order it online, if you really feel the irresistible urge to dance. And maybe it is right now that there is more need to dance: to dance so as not to think, to forget at least for a few minutes about the problems of the world out there. Who knows, with the hope that maybe you can take Just Dance 2021 with you to the Christmas lunch, as you have done in the past few years. Melancholy aside, it's time for the verdict: what has changed, compared to all the other Just Dance? What's new?

Gameplay: always equal to itself

Most likely you weren't waiting for who knows what great news from Just Dance 2021: better this way. The Ubisoft title, once again, reminds everyone that they want to stay forever equal to itself. So much the same that, once you put aside some insignificant and mainly aesthetic minutiae, you forget which version you are playing. Try starting a Just Dance 2021 song while you are alone, then call a family member in the same room: will they be able to tell if you are playing the new version or Just Dance 2020, 2019 or 2018? Answer: no.

Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

After all, why should Ubisoft change a gameplay that continues to convince consumers for so many years now? The basic offer therefore remains the same. A player (or two, or three, or four) holds a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (one is enough), starts his favorite track among the 41 present, and starts dancing. The detection system assigns scores to each "step" shown on the screen, and at the end of the song you are rewarded with a certain amount of stars (from one to five, the latter for phenomena). It seemed to us that Just Dance 2021 has become a little more demanding than its predecessors, in the attribution of the score: especially in relation to the fifth star.


With the same offer and game modes, they are the Songs to make a difference in a new Just Dance. Just Dance 2021 offers a total of 41 unreleased songs, which we want to bring you back in a nice list: so you don't need to look for it elsewhere. Starting from these songs, then, it will be possible to unlock other 12 alternative versions, through the game coins unlocked at the end of the game; it will take some time to get them all, because the game prefers to prioritize avatars, phrases for their gamertag, backgrounds and so on.

Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

Here then is the tracks from Just Dance 2021: Adore You di Harry Styles, Alexandrie Alexandra di Jérôme Francis (Claude François), All the Good Girls Go to Hell di Billie Eilish, Bailando di Paradisio ft. DJ Patrick Samoy, Blinding Lights di The Weeknd, Boy, You Can Keep It di Alex Newell, Buscando di GTA & Jenn Morel, Dance Monkey di Tones and I, Dibby Dibby Sound di DJ Fresh & Jay Fay ft. Ms. Dynamite, Don't Start Now di Dua Lipa, Feel Special di Twice.

Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

E adesso continueremo solo con i titoli delle canzoni, o finiremmo l'anno prossimo: Georgia, Get Get Down, Heat Seeker, Ice Cream, In the Navy, Joone Khodet, Juice, Kick It, Kulikitaka, Lacrimosa, Magenta Riddim, Paca Dance, Rare, Que Tire Pa Lante, Rain on Me, Runaway (U & I), Samba de Janeiro, Say So, Señorita, Temperature, The Other Side, The Weekend, Till the World Ends, Uno, Volar, Without Me, Yameen Yasar, Yo Le Llego, You've Got a Friend in Me, Zenit.

Game mode

Various are back with Just Dance 2021 game mode already seen in the last three years: these are variations, more or less interesting, of the usual soup, always composed by the pairing "piece of music to be performed with dance in real time". Especially in a period when many are forced into the house, the Sweat Mode therefore allows you to create your own routine, and above all to keep track of the calories burned while dancing. If the player can't go to the gym, the gym goes to the player, and it becomes music.

Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

Clearly Ubisoft has not forgotten about the children, indeed accessing their songs is easier than ever: it is even possible to do it before even starting the actual title, from a minimalist menu immediately on the screen. Just dance kids this year it presents a dozen songs designed ad hoc, all very pleasant (even for adults, actually). Finally, the Online mode, to challenge all the other players around the world on the basis of random songs or their favorite songs; in this case, however, a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will be required.

Just dance unlimited

There would still be some room for the usual controversy dedicated to Just dance unlimited: Ubisoft's commercial strategy has never really convinced us completely. It is not clear why a loyal fan of the franchise should continue to pay 60 euros for each new title with its 40 base songs, and then still have to pay back the subscription (daily, monthly or annual) to access Just Dance Unlimited.

Just Dance 2021, the review: let's go back to dancing with the Ubisoft series

It is a catalog which now boasts hundreds and hundreds of songs, but it is not free: it costs € 3,99 per month and € 24,99 for the 365-day subscription. These are not astronomical figures, it is true, but we are still talking about a title that is basically sold as any Triple A, in the face of innovations that have now been absent for several years. At least the physical version includes a month of free subscription, enough to spend the Christmas period in joy.


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Just Dance 2021 is here, and it's identical to all of its predecessors; exactly as happened with Just Dance 2020, 2019 and 2018, therefore, you will always find the same offer in your hands, with the same game modes. And probably Just Dance continues to interest you, after all, for this very reason: because they are different without ever changing. What changes is the package of songs: obviously the new appointment with the Ubisoft franchise offers 41 unreleased songs, all relatively recent; and the packaged version also brings with it a free month's subscription to Just Dance Unlimited (with hundreds of songs from past years). You have to be the one to evaluate the purchase, and reading the complete list with all the songs (you can find it in the article) will probably help you. Remember that on Nintendo Switch each Joy-Con represents a controller, and that the Just Dance app is available for free for all other needs.


  • Always fun, perfect for the family
  • The Just Dance app allows anyone to play
  • 41 new music tracks
  • Conservative like few things in life
  • The full price is still remarkable
  • Not all songs are equally interesting
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