Keira Metz subplot guide, "Friends ... very close" trophy

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Keira Metz mission guide + sex scene [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


The guide to complete a "particular" The Witcher 3 questline that will allow you to trumpet with the beautiful Keira.

Keira Metz subplot guide, "Friends ... very close" trophy

If you want to complete the missions of Miss Keira Metz and get to the a ..... fascinating epilogue (which, if you want, you can also enjoy in the video at the end of the article) first of all you will have to complete the following missions of the main story:
- Hunting for witches
- Wandering in the Dark
- Magic Lamp (lampada magica)

In these missions you will go to a dungeon with Keira and ONLY after completing them will you automatically receive the secondary mission "An invitation from Keira Metz". This mission can be started by going to visit the hottie in her cabin in the woods and is the one that starts the Keira subplot which, in turn, consists of other small side quests that you can see in the following video at the indicated minutes:

1. An invitation from Keira Metz (0:05)
2. A Mountain of Rats (0:54)
3. A favor among friends (8:28)
4. For the Advancement of Learning (14:40)

Complete everything to unlock the "Friends ..... very close" achievement. At this point it will be important to choose to send Keira to Kaer Morhen, because otherwise you will not be able to unlock the "Team complete" result later on.

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