Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses available

Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses available

The latest card games published by Asmodee, Keyforge, has broken this part of the playful world by entering the hearts of all lovers of the genre with a straight leg. Over the past few days we have talked at length about the dynamics, which make the latest invention of the well-known Richard Garfield, the father of the most played card game in the world, unique and inimitable. Magic: The Gathering.Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses available

The creator of Magic, managed to create the first card game without deckbuilding, for that very reason Keyforge it is defined unique deck. In this new adventure, players will not have the freedom to compose decks to their liking, but they will be able to buy pre-made ones and use those, just as the algorithm designed them. Precisely for this peculiarity it will be essential, especially in the competitive field, to know your deck well and have a fairly broad knowledge of all the other cards.

In Keyforge, there are 7 houses, and in each deck produced and sold you will find only three of them. If you really can't keep in mind all the over three hundred cards in existence, this guide tries to meet you, trying to outline the basic profiles of each house. Having an idea of ​​what the houses can do “in general” can be of great help in the course of games during tournaments, because we cannot know all the decks by heart, but at least initially we will know what to expect from our opponent.

Obviously, in the course of this mini-guide we will outline the "general" peculiarities, we cannot go further because there are single cards or combos with other houses that could upset the way a house plays.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableThe house of the Savages it is oriented to an explosive farming of Ambre, thanks to different interactions of its cards; sins of devastating creatures, there are only a few that can really worry the board. By playing this house, players will not have a chance to play big removal against you (other than using "Assault X"), But they can, however, trigger devastating combinations to farm Amber: for example with"Hunting Witch”The board will be populated with lots of creatures and lots of Ambers.

Basically this house will not try to control the opponent's board, but will aim to farm as many Ambre as possible, and then use "Key Charge"Or"Chota Hazri“, So as to forge a key directly in one's turn of play. Furthermore, this is one of the houses that blends best with the others because cards like "Witch of the Eye"And "Regrowth", that bring back cards from the discard in hand, can resonate with many other cards in the game.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses available

This is definitely the house with the most creatures "Aggro" of the game. Their modus operandi is geared towards using lots of creatures with powerful abilities and no frills. Who will play Brobnar very often he will use cards that allow him to play creatures and use them immediately, supported by other "actions" that will earn him more Ambers. Here, perhaps farming is not their job, but thanks to combos and powerful creatures they will be able to at least slow down the opponent's game.

Surely to be used to the fullest they will have to be supported by Artifacts e Actions that damage other enemy creatures, so you are free to farm. If not, this house will be perpetually used to fight and to earn a few ambers. Even in terms of combo it is not one of the houses that stands out the most, most of the time we will see a board full of creatures ready to fight or farm. As for the integration with the other houses it is certainly not the top, there are few cards that make you interact with the other houses in the game.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableI Logos I am the house in charge of drawing, grinding decks and storing cards. Precisely for these characteristics they are always excellent teammates, because although equipped with creatures that do not make a lot of fear in terms of statistics, they have with them "actions" and skills that should not be underestimated. They too, like i Brobnar, they are not great creators of Ambre, but they have some interesting cost reductions that can change the fate of a game: "Titan Mechanic”Is an example.

At the level of control of the opponent's game they certainly do not stand out, maybe there are some nice cards, but it will be easier to see the players Logos sacrifice their own creatures to kill yours (thanks also to the use of "Bouncing Deathquark"). By and large, drawing and archiving will be their focus in almost any deck and they will focus on speed and luck, thanks to cards like "Wild Wormhole"Or"Library Access". In my experience i Logos they are currently one of the best houses in terms of integration with the rest of the game: everyone is comfortable with drawing or storing cards, looking for their use at the best time.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableThey are real ones Demons. This faction will not focus on using brute force, but will help you Archons to control the playing field: thanks to cards like "Ember Imp","Control the Weak"And "Succubus" opposing players will be forced to slow down their Keys race to take care of eliminating these pitfalls from the battlefield. Unfortunately for the Demons, farming is not their forte, they will hardly be our source before harvesting, but it is not unthinkable to see a board dotted with creatures Dis that "collect" to the last blood.

Thanks to this “control” ability, demons can be an excellent family friend: especially thanks to cards such as "Fear" o "Arise" controlling and picking up certain creatures could really be a breeze. Unfortunately for them, the abilities of some of their creatures are very difficult to use, also because they focus on the unique event of a given condition.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableThe Martians are one of the most peculiar houses of this intriguing card game. This house does not have a lot of monster power to play (one of the strongest creatures they have "Yxilx Dominator"Enters the field already with a Stun, do a little you). However, this should not discourage or mislead you, because the little "green faces" can count on mid-range cards that exploit the existence of Mars cards in their hand.

The Martians - maybe they come from afar - play very well only with themselves so much that it is difficult to use combos with other houses in the deck. We must say, however, that they do their job quite well, because they are one of those houses that puts pressure on opponents thanks to Actions and Artifacts that do damage from a distance (Ammonia Clouds) and that pushes away the possibility of forging "Keys" to the opponent. They are also not great Amber farmers, although some cards and different creatures manage to sneak here and there. Synergistically they don't drive you crazy, some cards really manage to play in very few situations without damaging the rest of your creatures (like the terrible Phosphorus Stars).


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableLe Ombre, the flagship of all the houses. When you find yourself fighting against this house, you cannot fail to lose at least one or two Ambers: in truly exceptional cases, even more than 6/7 can be lost. This is a house dedicated to stealing Ambre from the pockets of the opponents, there are many cards that can do it, damaging enemies from a distance and even killing them.

Fortunately, they don't have creatures with enough strength to worry you, but even the simplest ones can have Steal ed Elusive, or at most they can serve a greater purpose thanks to the insidious "Pawn Sacrifice"Or even better with"One Last Job". Thanks to this I use the Ombre they manage to control the game, keeping the opponent's Amber level at bay while increasing theirs. They are capable of unleashing devastating combinations of direct damage and Steal, capable of killing even armored beasts. Thanks to this versatility, they combine very well with other houses such as the "Savages" that they manage to forge directly in their game turn.


Keyforge: introduction to the 7 houses availableWe have reached the last house (but not least): i Sanctum. They are the emblem of the righteous and as paladins they stand up to defend the Archons. They are endowed with resistant creatures, thanks to a lot of armor, equipment and as if that weren't enough, lots of "cures". Taking down a combination of Knights once played is really difficult. As far as farming Ambra is concerned, we have to say that they manage fairly well, because thanks to cards like Jehu the Bureaucrat e Virtuous Works they manage to accumulate large quantities of Ambers, in addition to the many Harvests that will be able to do.

Surely their way to control the field is by fighting, they have few things that they can take out from a distance, and most of the time they can only Stun enemies. Furthermore, devastating combinations can truly make Sanctums indestructible (remember that Armor always regenerates). They synergize well with other houses, also because the possibility of increasing the Armor of their neighbors makes even the smallest creatures more resistant, which they have, however, enabled important for the purpose of victory.

We have come to the end of this short guide on the houses of Keyforge, we remind you that it was not written to be a vade mecum of the game, but we are sure it will be of good help to clarify the skills and position that the 7 houses in the game have taken.

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