Last Oasis - Preview, let's discover the new version for Xbox

Last Oasis - Preview, let's discover the new version for Xbox

Humanity on the verge of extinction, an exhausted and for the most part desert Earth, and a very hostile environment are the main elements of the game that we will deal with today. The new title of Donkey Crew has met with considerable interest in the online community of MMO, allowing developers to greatly expand the game world and the technical side, and even create a port. In fact, today we will talk about the meeting we had with the developers of Last Oasis, the questions asked and the new version Xbox of the game.

The end of the world and the search for the Last Oasis

Let's start with some basics, for those unfamiliar with it Last Oasis is an MMO survival set in a world now at the end of its days. As the narrator also tells in fact, the Earth has unfortunately stopped spinning on itself, remaining perpetually fixed on its axis to revolve around the sun. This has meant that, in addition to the destruction of the ecosystem as we know it and the creation of new inhabitant species that have adapted to this new climate and environment, in this world there are 6 months of steady light and 6 months of intense night. The few remaining humans must learn to to adapt if they want to survive.

They will no longer be able to create large permanent companies, but they will have to return to the state of nomade, as primitive men did, in order to make the most of all the resources that a particular area has to offer. To do this it will be possible to create wood machines that they will be useful to us both to explore and as a warehouse, but in doubt also to fight anyone who wants to block our way. In fact, it will not be rare to find other players who will want to kill us and raid everything we have obtained. Or we can find someone to befriend and form an alliance with, creating a clan and by sharing information and equipment, I allow all the attackers lurking behind a dune to form a common front.

Last Oasis - Preview, let's discover the new version for Xbox

The new Xbox version and season 3 is coming

Let's go now to analyze instead what was shown to us in the conference with the developers. The meeting took place by showing us on the screen, during the discussion, a gameplay of the new version of Last Oasis, in particular the version for Xbox One (but it will be identical in both the new changes to that for Xbox Series X / S, since backward compatibility will be exploited), and to that for PC. You could immediately notice the change to the game interface, a lot cleaner and in line with the background elements, and more accessible. The commands for the controller also seem well implemented. The developers told how it was a very difficult challenge to be able to create a scheme of commands that did not penalize the use of the controller compared to all those who instead preferred to use a mouse and keyboard. In fact, we were shown how any action the player wants to do during the game, he will be able to do it without problems or slowdowns due to this new type of commands, and even in a fight. pvp shown as proof you can see the fluidity of actions and no kind of hitch.

But why was this point stressed? Because, as announced by the guys from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis will be cross-play. This will allow anyone to play together with one or more friends without any limitation whatsoever, in fact, just choose the server type to join and through an icon on the side you can understand what it will be misto o exclusive for one or the other platform. Obviously, a small clarification, it will be possible to play with the controller also on PC, if preferred. This will make many players happy who are used to using this device when they find themselves having to drive vehicles. Precisely in this regard, the Walkers, the famous wooden machines that allow you to move quickly, have been improved both by minimally retouching the aesthetic side and the fluidity of the movements, and by creating a new typology. Now it will be possible to sail the skies thanks to Flying walkers.

Last Oasis - Preview, let's discover the new version for Xbox

These will be shaped two-headed dragon and equipped with two huge mechanical wings that will allow you to move quickly even in the air. It looks like it will climb up to two players at the same time, although it has not been clearly shown whether the second driver will still be able to maneuver the car. Furthermore, maneuvers that will not be very easy to perform, given that to increase realism and immersion the movements of this type of vehicle will need a lot space and skill in order to be carried out at best. But surely they will be very useful for vertical exploration, as we were shown in the gameplay, as the developer tried to take control of a village built on mountainous pillars; especially if we think that until now there was only the footwear as a "half" flying, and with that you could only planar.

At the end of the meeting, further information was given regarding the news, which unfortunately for time reasons it was not possible to show in full in the gameplay, but which will still be present in the new version of Last Oasis on Xbox. For example, new ones have been added maps that can only be reached by flying with the new Air Walkers that hide immense treasures, but the news is not limited to the rewards. A new monster has appeared in the map, it is about huge wurm, the biggest beasts that will be possible to meet in the game, fierce monsters that, hiding underground, they will try to destroy your machines and eat you. Plus now the asteroids can hit even in the oases, forcing players to always keep their eyes peeled for possible looming threats. In short, it seems that this third season of Last Oasis is truly full of surprises to explore.

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