"Legend of Kleidos" guide

Guida Sfide Kleidos Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2


Tough tests for tough people: ready to accept the challenge?

"Legend of Kleidos" guide

The Kleidos challenges of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 are tests of increasing difficulty that we will have to overcome both to complete the game and to unlock the following Achievements / Trophies:

- Sample of the Kleidos I - Complete all Sapphire Reminiscence challenges
- Sample of the Kleidos II - Complete all Ruby Memories challenges
- Sample of the Kleidos III - Complete all Amethyst Remembrance challenges
- Sample of the Kleidos IV - Complete all Emerald Memories challenges

First of all you will have to find the "Reliquie Kleidos" which are collectibles scattered throughout the game that give the possibility to unlock and play these challenges (for more details follow the guide to the Kleidos relics). When the challenges are available, you will have to face them trying to achieve all 4 objectives of each challenge.

So here are all the Kleidos challenges with videos and tips showing the solution to complete them.

Important: don't forget to consult the Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

Kleidos I
Challenge Solution Reminiscences of the Sapphire
(Chester's Death, Infection: First Seal, Sir Reginar's Agony)

Kleidos II
Challenge Solution Memories of the Ruby
(Torture of Sir Nualan, Torment of Sir Torlios, Curse of Sir Gerard)

Kleidos III
Challenge Solution Remembrances of the Amethyst
(The Keep, Channarong's Revenge, Infection: Third Seal, Infection: Fourth Seal)

Kleidos IV
Challenge Solution Memories of the Emerald
(The Dead Arise, Infection: Fifth Seal, The Battle of NIfhel, Infection: Sixth Seal, Infection: Seventh Seal)

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