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Outlast: Insane Mode Guide / Walkthrough [Lunatic]


The Lords of Red Barrels are asking us to finish their debilitating game on the highest difficulty level. Here is a video along with some practical tips to finish this fantastic horror all in one breath, as in the sickest reality, without ever dying.

Lunatic Trophy Guide

In Outlast la Insane mode it is in all respects identical to the Nightmare difficulty, with the only difference (and tell me if it is little) that playing in Insane mode (the most difficult of all) you will not be able to save the game and above all you will NEVER die. This means that if you get caught by any enemy and you crack the game will end and you will be forced to restart the game from the beginning, even if you were a few steps from the end.

In Insane mode the enemies will be even stronger, just one blow from the bosses or a couple from the weakest enemies will be enough to send you to the other world (or to the game over, you see a little). If this is not enough for you, also know that you will not be able to carry more than two batteries and that in the game there are far fewer places where you will find charges (they are in any case in the same places as they are when playing Nightmare mode).

For this reason, the real big challenge will not only be moving without being detected by the enemies, but succeeding in doing so using as little as possible the night vision of the camera.

To solve this big problem at least in part, remember to adjust the brightness of the screen by increasing it, both from the settings of the console and of your TV. In this way you will be able to take advantage of even the faintest light sources present in the various environments. Still

- play calmly (I know, in this game it is a tip that sounds very good for the butt) and carefully study your every move.
- replay the various chapters at lower difficulty to learn the strategies to use.
- remember that objects ALWAYS appear in the same places, and that enemy movements ALWAYS follow the same path.
- enemies are a little faster, smarter and have better hearing, AVOID making noises especially with doors.
- do not let yourself be seen when you hide, when you enter a room close the door first and then slip into the hiding place
- the enemies are fast, but you will always be faster than them. for this reason, in desperate situations, the best remedy is often to RUN

In the video below you can see a full game played in Insane mode lasting about an hour. The video is well done and divided for the chapters of the game. Study it well, when you feel ready to go and God assist you.

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