Majestic - MoonWolf Entertainment card game tested

    Majestic - MoonWolf Entertainment card game tested

    Well, the time has come: we entered a crowded inn on the outskirts where, by the light of a lantern, we challenged an opponent in Majestic: The Card Game, title developed by the indie studio MoonWolf Entertainment. Do you want to know how it went? Offer us a glass of beer and sit next to us… A story awaits you!

    So, let's start from the beginning. MoonWolf Entertainment is made up of 2 CEOs - Lead Designers, Enrico Fedoni and Dario Ferracci, whose work is made possible thanks to the presence of the Game Developer Enrico Cempanari and the WEB Developer Alfonso M. Marzano. MoonWolf is a PUBG professional team based in Italy, founded by Moonryde and WolfilLupo in 2018. The company is currently developing a brand new Card Game, inspired by the Triple Triad of Final Fantasy VIII, titled "Majestic: The Card Game". We tried it, and we loved it!

    Majestic is based on a 3 √ó 3 grid and the cards, square in shape, present ben four different attack values, one on each side. The aim of the game is to conquer as many areas as possible. To conquer your opponent's creatures, you'll need to strategically place each card on the grid, making sure your card has a higher attack value than your opponent's card.

    Each player owns a deck consisting of 20 creature cards and 10 equipment cards. The cards are divided into Municipality, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythical e Legendary. Each creature card (which, as mentioned, has four different attack values, one per side) can be enhanced thanks toEquipment. Each game turn has a duration of 60 seconds to the maximum and each player can view the cards owned by his opponent on the screen.

    The equipment, which must be assigned to a creature card before playing the card itself, consists of weapons and elemental shields and, the latter, are able to change the element of the card concerned. Here comes the interesting part, why the elements (Air, Water, Energy, Earth, Fire, Light and Shadow) they are able to shift the balance of an entire game. In the upper part of the chessboard there is a "Carrier", chosen at random by the game at the beginning of each game and being able to play cards that have the same element indicated, you will have bonuses that will make the difference between victory and defeat .

    I Elemental Powers they can be used only once in a single game, and only within the first 3 game turns, otherwise they will be lost. For example, the elemental power of the Fire it subtracts points from the card placed on that same square, while that of the Earth makes the target immune to all game mechanics until the end of the next turn. Again, the element Ombre randomly moves a card on the board, swapping two cards in case the destination square is already occupied. The element Acquainstead, which has the power to immobilize an opponent's creature, instead of being applied on the board (and therefore on one of the cards already played), it must be used directly on the cards owned by the opponent. Another interesting aspect is that some of the effects of each individual element vary with each turn. For example, cards hit by the Fire element will lose 2 attack points in the third turn.

    Majestic therefore gives life to extremely tactical challenges, embellished with a refined and convincing graphic style. We would have appreciated some further details related to each single card, on mouseover, during the game. In fact, the descriptions appear in the screens before the actual match, and then disappear completely when you "take the field". The title is meant to be played exclusively online, and it is admittedly addressed to the world of eSports: in addition to the classic friendlies with a friend, there will be ranked matches, divided into Legendary League, where the use of all playing cards is permitted e Rare League, where only Common, Uncommon and Rare cards are accepted, to accommodate new players. In the full version they can be played Custom tournaments for up to 16 players and ranked games 2vs2 and 3vs3.

    Majestic: The Card Game can be downloaded for free on PC (via Steam) and on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, while in the future the title will also be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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