Mass Effect 3 - Love Story with Kaidan [love affair guide]

Mass Effect 3 - Love Story with Kaidan [love affair guide]

We continue to deal with the numerous amorous messes present in Mass Effect 3 and this time we will see how to start and finish the love story with the very masculine Kaidan. Before proceeding I recommend that you also read the guide dedicated to all love relationships which contains everything you need to know to fall in love with the various characters of Mass Effect 3.

Some follow SPOILER about the character of Kaidan, but that do not affect the overall storyline of ME3

  • to start the love story with Kaidan Alenko your Shepard can be either MALE or FEMALE;
  • it is possible to continue the relationship from the previous ME (if you have imported the save) or start a new one;
  • in case you imported the save from ME1 via ME2, Kaidan must have survived the events of the game, otherwise you won't find him in Mass Effect 3; also, if in ME1 you started the story with Him and in ME2 you had a different partner he will be offended. Try as much as possible to apologize otherwise you will not be able to resume the story with him;
  • in the dialogues always choose positive and kind answers, generally they are the ones that are at the top of the answer wheel;
  • always visit him between missions, right from the start when he is spending time in the hospital;
  • visit him even when he is unconscious in the hospital after the injury and bring him a few words of comfort. You can buy a special item for him (Peruvian Whiskey) at the shop in the hospital lobby.
  • visit him on your first trip to the Citadel, after the mission on Palaven and after finishing the missions on Tuchanka. After it will be ready to return
  • build confidence and intimacy and after returning to the Normandy Kaidan he may ask you to meet him at the Presidium. Otherwise you can be the one to do it to permanently consolidate the relationship.

If, on the other hand, you are here simply to see the final love scene between Kaidan and Shepard, all you have to do is watch the video below. And since I know you were dying to see him I'll show you the homosexual version of the hot sequence !!!


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