Metal Gear Solid V: Hidden in Silence - DLC Review

How many hours of gameplay have you accumulated on the last branded chapter Hideo Kojima? Be honest, we know that Metal Gear Solid V has been a real drug for all fans of the saga who, despite the sad news of the breakup between Mr. Kojima and Konami, have worked hard to pay homage to the greatest spy of all the time playing lunge this latest title that offered us a unique, extreme, complete, fascinating experience in the role of a Big Boss stronger than ever.

And now, halfway through the year after the game's release, the DLC arrives for its online mode, with new content ready to amaze all fans who, like me, are losing many, many hours in front of this masterpiece that combines perfectly and in a way somewhat harmonious and not dissonant a stealth game with a free-roaming shooter experience.

Kept you waiting, ya?

The DLC Hidden in Silence adds to the Metal Gear Solid V online experience three new maps game (taken from mission scenarios in the single player campaign) and the ability to use Quiet as a unique playable character. For those who do not know, it is possible to use, in the online mode, unique and special characters, assigned randomly; initially they were just Big Boss and Ocelot: with this expansion the taciturn sniper will join the roster of random characters.

All these elements will be added automatically to the online mode and it will be immediately possible to play with other owners of the DLC without having to select particular settings. Of course, it is not possible to create game rooms on added maps and invite players who do not own the pack.

But let's move on to analyze the added elements one by one.

Coral complex

Let's start with this map to start our review. It takes us inside the Mother Base to the Diamond Dogs that we should all know very well by now if we have played the campaign. It will (obviously) be limited to only five platforms, connected to each other by bridges in a triangular manner. Among all, this is the map that seems to me to be the most representative of the stealth game method: in fact, we can also decide on what level of height to play, starting from the top of the towers to snipe anyone who has the crazy intention of running outdoors or hiding. in the underpasses of the bridges to be protected from the shots of the shooters who attack our lives. The open spaces and the large area made available to us will push us to a more tactical approach, especially at the team level: in fact, encirclement tactics from two sides with coverage of relative snipers placed on the towers are very frequent. Having said that, this map is definitely to be played in a team, playing it alone does not have great performance.

Ruined palace

Of course, Afghanistan is not the best place for a honeymoon, but as a combat scenario it certainly does not look bad. This new map projects us near an abandoned building in the desert that occupies, with the garden, one side of the map, opposite to the road in front of it, completely open but much more extensive. Like the previous map, here too we will have various possibilities for approaches to combat, depending on our tastes: in fact, snipers do not necessarily have to take refuge on the top of the building, when even hiding in the sand is an excellent alternative. . Surely this map is possible to play well even in single player, given the simplicity of the composition, which allows you to move at 360 degrees without the fear of finding an enemy behind you as in Coral Complex.

Azure mountain

But how nice to be outdoors ?! No, definitely not, especially if you risk losing your mind (in the true sense of the word) at any moment. This vast outdoor area will present us with a game scenario that is as simple as it is complexIn fact, it is not easy to fight in a strategic and organized way when there are no roofs and you are in a valley that has a mound in the center as its only element. Definitely the most chaotic map in gameplay, mortar shells and perfectly camouflaged sniper shots will dominate in a map that truly has no cover or protection whatsoever. The message is simple: kill or you will be killed.


And after talking about the maps, let's now move on to the most important element of the Hidden in Silence DLC, from which the name is also taken. Quiet will be available to play as a unique character and has at his disposal a set of weapons and skills that will make us live a unique experience, since there are no other characters with the same spells.

Two things characterize the deadly sniper: her shotgun and her incredible speed, which allows her to scale walls and walls without the need for stairs or cracks. You can choose what type of rifle to equip (lethal or non-lethal) and as a secondary weapon we will have a pistol accompanied by the usual knife.

It is not exactly easy to master the character, as her unusual abilities are counterbalanced by a minimal dose of Health points, which make her very vulnerable and easy to take down. As a role, Quiet is definitely a Spy who can make a difference in a fight, but what a great deal of skill and knowledge is needed to play.

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