Metro Exodus - Weapons Guide

From Russia with Love was the title of a successful 007 film, in this case we can say from Russia with terror, because this is what you will feel when you enter with a few survivors in the post-apocalyptic Russia of Metro Exodus, in the third video game inspired by the Metro novels by journalist Dmitrij Gluchovskij. The interesting thing in this shooter is the extremely versatile paraphernalia at your disposal, all produced or adapted with recycled materials, that you can modify at any time of the game to accommodate it to any situation. In this guide we will show you the weapons available.

Guns are handy weapons and easy to use, recommended for close distances. One is the Revolver, decidedly traditional, the other is the Bastarda whose peculiarity is that it jams easily. With a few accessories they can be transformed into a medium-range rifle and a rapid-fire submachine gun.

After the apocalypse, few weapons remained, so Metro, using scrap and waste materials, modified them, but he also created two new heavy rifles: A-shot that deals the most damage per shot, and the Ravager automatic that hits everything at close range. And then there's the Valve sniper rifle with large capacity magazines for ranged combat, and the extremely quiet Tikhar tire. Finally, the very dangerous Helsing crossbow because it is even more silent, therefore relentless. All use bullets made from scrap.

The rifles pre-war and survived the devastation are the Kalash, robust and lethal at medium range, and the semi-automatic Bulldog, whose characteristic is that of having the right ratio between precision and weight, this makes it the ideal weapon given the extreme handling.

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